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12 Things to Ask During a Preschool Tour

  The aim of a preschool is to prepare children for their school years. Most preschools admit children between the ages of 3 and 5 years. However, several programs allow children younger than 3 years (mostly common in day-care turned preschool settings). Preschools are also referred to as day care, or nursery school, or even child-care programs. Working parents opt …

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How to Survive a Miscarriage Loss

  Going through a miscarriage is the most painful experience for a couple. The internet is flooded with causes, symptoms, and types of miscarriages, however, the emotional loss suffered by a family can not be drowned in logic. My husband and I suffered 3 miscarriages before our second baby. Two of them chemical pregnancies, which is a very early miscarriage …

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9 Important Reasons to Have Monthly Goals (including my August Goals List)

  Goals are any plans we do for the future, no matter what it is. They not only give us something to look forward to but also encourages self-development as well as self-efficacy. I am all about self-development. Setting small goals helps us complete the bigger ones. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, their goal may be to …

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