10 Reasons I Started Saying No More Often3 min read

10 Reasons I Started Saying No More Often3 min read


“Focusing is about saying No – Steve Jobs”

Here is how I do things.

Working on task one. Someone needs me on another.

I continue working on task one and then take on the second task.

Then someone else needs me.

And I agree to do the third task as well; sometimes working on multiple things at once so they get completed on time.

Are you spinning yet?


This is not just my life but an ongoing thing for most of us. We take on several responsibilities for many reasons.

To prove something.

To make someone happy.

To achieve high production numbers.

But what effect does this have on us? Are you really okay with it?

I am not. I was, but after reviewing it all, I realized that at the end of the day, I did not feel accomplished at all.

Why do we make lists? Why do we check them off when we get things done?

It is because seeing something crossed off our list gives us a sense of accomplishment. You did it. You finished what you planned to do.

But, how do you feel after a long day of working on multiple projects at work, and coming home, cooking, cleaning, supervising the kids’ homework, and then calling it a day?


A day like that is often a blur. You feel like you did so much yet did not do anything at all.

And that is why, I decided to learn to say no.

Now I don’t say turn down your boss or ignore the needs of your family.

Saying no simply means, not taking too much of anything on your plate all at once.

It means not doing things because you must but because you choose to.

It means focusing on one task at a time.

And, here is why?

10 reasons I started saying no more often.

♦ To decrease multi-tasking.

♦ To be happy with what I do.

♦ To avoid people pleasing.

♦ To prioritize time for myself or doing things that make me happy.

♦ To enjoy what I do, and not simply being a robot.

♦ To be in the moment more instead of swishing past it all

♦ To feel accomplished.

Continuously doing everything and anything often leaves me feeling like I did not accomplish anything that day. Work on one task at a time. Give it your full attention and best effort.

♦ To feel peaceful.

Constantly having conversations, lists, and fuming inside because I said yes, when I did not want to, creates constant chaos inside of me. However, when I choose the things I want to and can do, I feel at peace.

♦ To learn to let go – of things, people, situations easily.

♦ To stay true to things and myself.

Sometimes I do not like something but just because I say yes automatically implies I am ok with that thing or situation. I really hated this. And I am coward at times because I do not turn around and speak my mind right away. However, now I think about myself, my time, and what my heart and mind agrees upon before I commit to something. This could make people upset but I think that is on them, and not me! Being honest about my opinions and thoughts gives me inner peace and feelings of contentment.


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