25 Things I Would Like my Daughter to Know


I have a daughter who is almost 3 years old.  She is my life,  my love,  my everything.  And not just to me. She is everything and more to my husband also.

As parents we always try our best to keep our children safe and feeling secure about themselves. We do everything we can to give them all the basic needs and even things they desire.  We wish for them to be models of the society,  go to college get a job and be self-sufficient.

Having said that, my husband I grew up in a somewhat strict Indian family.  Our parents can be traditional,  too cultured at times and have rules up the wazoo.

After moving to states at the age of 17, I began to see life from a different perspective. Seeing how some children these days turn out due to social influences and the general culture of the society, I feel so privileged that my parents raised me the way they did to make me who I am today.

I hope to impart some, if not all, of my experiences to my daughter some day,  praying that she can learn from my mistakes and her own experiences to become a good human being. Here are some things I would like to share with her.

25 Things I Would Like my Daughter to Know


♦ Choose your friends wisely. People you befriend may be in your life for a while or forever.

♦ Beauty does not require brands.

♦ There is nothing wrong in loving food, however,

♦ Everything in moderation is always a good motto to have.

♦ Don’t expect an approval from someone to be happy.

♦ Be yourself.  Most of all, be true to who you are.

♦ Learn self healing techniques like running,  meditation,  yoga. They will help in life, school, and pretty much in all stressful situations.

♦ Be curious, keep learning.

♦ Saving money can start at any age.

♦ Community College isn’t a bad choice.

♦ Travel when you have time and money.

♦ Credit card fine lines should be read carefully before signing up.

♦ You don’t need to wear less clothes to feel and look sexy. 😊

♦ Learn self defense or at least know how to defend yourself in any other manner.

♦ People pleasing can back fire.

♦ Respect your elders, always!

♦ Sex talk is welcome with momma (I will try not to cry or have any crazy reaction to those)

♦ Personal hygiene is more important than make up.

♦ Chase your dreams.

♦ Drink water, eat as healthy as possible.

♦ Stand up for your beliefs and for your loved ones.

♦ Do not show attitude and ego… Material Things in life don’t last forever.

♦ Proximity is important in relationships, therefore, avoid long distance relationships if possible.

♦ Love all but it is okay not to be too generous with it.

♦ Stay humble, no matter how high you reach in life.




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Love this list..each point is simple yet so true..