30 Biggest Time Wasters That You Should STOP!6 min read

30 Biggest Time Wasters That You Should STOP!6 min read

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel exhausted without any major reason? Are you ready to make some changes to enhance your mood, energy level, and make each day better for yourself?

Well then you are in the right place!

Because today I am going to share with you some things you ARE DOING that is looping around and creating these feelings of stuck, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction in your life. I know it because I have experienced it and as the matter of fact, I am still working on making changes in my life to become a better and content version of me.

If you have been following along, you know that I am a full-time work-from-home mom of 2 girls, and I live with my in-laws and have a husband who works insane hours. Since my dad passed and after going through a miscarriage, I have found myself in this rut. I could never figure out the ACTUAL cause because it was a culmination of many little and a few big things.

Some were things I couldn’t change such as the passing of my father or losing a baby, but there were other many things in my daily habits that were making me feel depressed, bored, stuck, and just exhausted – both mentally and physically. These THINGS are called Time Wasters!

Time wasters are things, activities, or people who prevent us from creating and living the life we want. They take up our time, suck our energy, drain our motivation [for the most part], and prevent us from achieving anything important.

Where the heck did this year go? How is it September? As soon as fall starts, the year will be over! I need more than 24 hours in a day? Sound familiar?

Time is a very precious thing. We all want to be productive and accomplish our goals in life, therefore, it is time to address those time wasters.


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30 Biggest Time Wasters That You Should STOP!


1. Social media – mindless scrolling through Facebook or Instagram can add up to a day. Now if your business runs through social media then kudos to you, but if you scroll just for the heck of it, then you are wasting time AND energy.

2. Emails – constantly checking is like a disease.

3. Not prioritizing your life – having priorities in life brings clarity and focus which help you dedicate time to what’s really important in your life.

4. Taking on too much and multitasking – this NOT only reduces productivity but also tires you and reduces mental functioning. So, stop wasting your time trying to do it all and get a priority list going.

5. Watching too much tv.

6. Living in a clutter – it decreases focus and productivity, causes stress, ruins your present moments, and makes you fall behind. All in all, clutter around you wastes your time and energy.

7. Procrastination – putting things off or waiting until the last minute to do something leads to stress and other problems. Instead of getting things done, you waste time doing other things or just simply worrying about it. JUST DO IT!!

8. Perfectionism – choose progress instead.

9. Poor planning or not planning – this does not mean you spend all your time ONLY planning and not actually doing, but planning is essential.

10. Notifications aka distractions are big time wasters.

11. Unhealthy and toxic relationships.

12. Unintentional living – once a while it is important to evaluate your life to see why you are doing something, and if you are on the satisfying path in life.

13. Poor organization – which causes delays and unnecessary stress.

14. Complaining – whining is a time waster – quit whining and take actions. If you can’t take them, then review your perspective.

15. Trying to please everyone.

16. Fear of change and failure – the Bhagavat Gita says that the results are not in the hands of the doer, therefore, never have a non-doing attitude. Work without expectations – this may be difficult because expectations gives us something to look forward to. But going back to Gita, you only expect when you can control the outcome. If you can not, then why waste time worrying or fearing it.

17. Comparing yourself to others – this may be tough especially with Instagram and everyone’s “perfect” world displayed on your feed. However, social comparison is a time waster, and it also takes away your peace and happiness. Wasting time thinking and worrying about what others have or do won’t get you that anyways. So why waste time comparing.

18. Resentment – honing anger and bitterness are time wasters. Forgiving someone does not mean you accept their wrongdoing towards you, but you are strong enough to let it go because we all make mistakes.

19. Living in the past or having regrets – if you can’t change it, why waste time thinking about it. Learn from it and move forward. (Easy to say but not harm in trying!)

20. Staying up late and waking up late – no good comes out of this.

21. Doing what you hate and not making a change – life is too short to be stuck on a conveyor belt.

22. Post phoning hard things – such as exercise regime, creating healthy eating and skin care routines, having kids, or even that difficult work project.

23. Keep things to yourself and not expressing them on time.

24. Focusing on others instead of your own life – this is where social media becomes the culprit. Why waste time scrolling through the “perfect” lives on your Instagram feed? Create your own version of perfection and LIVE IT!

25. Not delegating – taking everything on your plate results in burn out, frustration, stress, anger, and unhappiness.

26. Commute – the only reason I added this is because my husband commutes about 1 hour each way to work. He does not get any reimbursements for gas, nor is there a train station close to his work. He loves his job but I feel that a 2 hour commute every day is such as waste of time and energy.

27. Being indecisive – sure somethings in life and business need to be pondered because every decision can not be made right away. However, if you are uncertain about something and you know you will need to brainstorm it or get help, then do it! Don’t sit on it, and then fail to deliver the results.

28. Feeling guilty about things – learn to accept the fact that you can not do everything or control everything. Feeling guilty or beating yourself does not change that – it just adds to your unhappiness and wastes your time.

29. Self-doubt – again, no one is perfect or a pro at everything. If you lack a desired skill, then work to obtain it instead of doubting your abilities. Crying without trying is a time waster.

30. Mind-reading – this goes will point 23. Communication is the key! Stop assuming what people are thinking as it leads to complications, misunderstanding, stress and unhealthy relationships. On the flip side, don’t play games with someone else by making them guess what you are thinking or feeling. Speak up, speak the truth, and end the wild goose chase. Trust me, it not only saves you a heck of a lot of time, but also the energy to put towards better use.



Okay, so there you have guys, TIME WASTERS!

I am not a therapist, or a teacher. I am mother, a wife, a friend and someone who does all the above. This article is not here to preach something I have perfected; it is to share and acknowledge these time wasters that we all do. And by acknowledging them, to work through them for our own personal growth and betterment.

No one can change all these time-wasting behaviors overnight. But if you pick a few and make attempts to stop doing them, I guarantee that you will see positive, healthy, and amazing changes in your life!



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