40 Before 40: Things I Hope to Accomplish Before my 40th Birthday4 min read

40 Before 40: Things I Hope to Accomplish Before my 40th Birthday4 min read

Birthdays always make us pause and think about our life; what we are doing, where we are headed, and whether things are going the way we plan. A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 36th birthday and ever since, I started evaluating several aspects of my life.

What do I want to change? Am I happy with my life? What goals are still pending?

Holy crap! Loaded questions, right?

And so, I made this list. Today I will share with you 40 things I hope to do before I turn 40. I know I can’t see the future but my 40 before 40 goals will help me create and look forward to exciting new things that are bound to happen in the next several years.


40 Before 40: Things I Hope to Accomplish before my 40th Birthday


40 before 40


1) Lose 50 lbs. – this is my biggest goal ever.

2) Hair and Skin care – have a proper hair and skin routine; weekly and night-time.

3) Career change – I have been meaning to enhance my skills and change my job for a few years now. The only thing holding me back was the benefits of working from home – which is being able to stay home with my girls and take care of them. But now they are older, and I have more flexibility to venture out of home for a new job.

4) Get a certification or master’s degree to enhance skills set.

5) Maintain my regular dental check – I have already begun this and I hope to continue doing so every 3-6 months.

6) Learn to walk in high heels – stilettoes to be exact – currently I wear thicker heels.

7) Read 100 books – yep, top of the list please! I used to enjoy reading so much, but now between kids and work, and trying to catch up on sleep, I only get time to browse a few articles online.

8) Learn to wear make-up professionally – or at least as best as it looks on me. [seriously I never wear it because I don’t even know how to apply liquid eyeliner😐]

9) Buy luxurious bedding – soft sheets and comforter set to make my bed like a hotel every morning.

10) Make new friends.

11) Cook thanksgiving dinner on my own, or even host a dinner party.

12) Go all out on atleast one holiday per year – decor, gifts, food, guests, the works!

13) Own a fancy dress – date night/wedding-guest kind of dress.

14) Drink a bottle of wine – not in one sitting – but at least drink it all by myself.

15) Learn to garden and grow vegetables – my in laws are really good at it – I hope to pick up some of their skills.

16) Train for something – a marathon or race.

17) Make money from my blog. 🙂

18) Create my dream closet with clothes, shoes, jewelry all within easy access.

19) Hire a personal stylist.

20) Take a yoga class.

21) Travel – I want to visit India, Europe, and Bali with my family. As I work towards this goal, I would like to see some classic American landmarks

22) Drink a variety of tea – like one of those calm, yoga-doing, tea-drinkers who never speak above a whisper 😊

23) Go on a safari or visit a few of the best zoos in the world with my girls – I know Arya will go mental on seeing all the animals up-close.

24) Use MS Office applications like a pro – especially Excel and Photo Editor.

25) Bake and ice a cake from scratch to finish.

26) Kick the sugary food habit to the curb and for good.

27) Increase self-awareness, decrease anger and negative thinking.

28) Go hiking – Yosemite or Yellowstone Park or any other.

29) Lie down on the beach with waves crashing at my feet.

30) Fly first/business class especially for an international flight.

31) Throw my daughters an outdoor birthday party.

32) Take my girls on the Disney Cruise.

33) Plan a romantic getaway for my husband and I – without the kids.

34) Figure out a way to tame my frizzy and wild curly hair – either by keeping it short or getting Japanese hair straightening.

35) Make Diwali sweets by myself one year.

36) Teach someone something – whether it’s online, or face to face, at work, or in a personal setting (imbibe knowledge)

37) Explore and attempt minimalism in some aspects of my life and home.

38) Make lasagna from scratch.

39) Take almost-professional pictures with my DSLR camera.

40) Create and use a monthly budget.


What are some of your goals before an upcoming milestone birthday?


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