50 Random Truths About Me and My Life

50 Random Truths About Me and My Life

 Inspired by my upcoming birthday, I decided to share some random facts about myself! 🙂


  1. I don’t have a hobby. I enjoy writing, dancing, and traveling but none of these are done regularly to call them a hobby.

  2. I am of Indian descent but am a Pacific Islander.

  3. I am a Psychology graduate.

  4. I speak a mile a minute.

  5. I was an enthusiastic dancer when I was a kid.

  6. I have 2 daughters.

  7. I have a few favorite movies and tv shows and I watch them repeatedly over new ones. On a side note, I watch movies after their reviews have been released.

  8. I never wear brands.

  9. I am a perfectionist.

  10. I am an organizational freak and can spend time and money organizing things as I please.

  11. I hate everything about politics and I also hate people discussing politics or politicians.

  12. I get bored of an activity quickly and need a change of pace rather quickly.

  13. I hate alcohol (though I have had it only a few times!)

  14. I drank Pepsi like water 100 years ago but now I stick to water.

  15. I am big on grammar and hate people who make spelling mistakes (I don’t care whether it’s a professional email or on social media- please do not typ lyk dis)

  16. I hate fighting and seeing people fight. (I will defend myself only in extreme cases)

  17. I say what I mean, almost every single time (and if it hurts someone, I apologize right away) but I do not say what someone wants to hear.

  18. I am the queen of silent treatments – only because I need quiet time to think and reprocess before speaking.

  19. My friends say I can sound rude even when I show care. (Maybe because I sound too mommy-like when I am concerned)

  20. I can read people well.

  21. My husband told me I was the one after one coffee date that lasted 3 hours and a phone call that lasted 2 hours. 😊

  22. I feel I could have been a computer programmer or engineer in this life time.

  23. My favorite color is blue.

  24. I have never broken any bone in my body.

  25. I hate promoting myself – big problem for the blogging world! 😉

  26. I do however give great interviews because I sell less and focus on the facts more.

  27. I am religious as well as cultural.

  28. I was excellent at Economics in high school.

  29. My father is my best friend! (I should say was because he left us last year 2017☹)

  30. I have no tattoos, scars, or piercings (except ear lobes).

  31. I don’t like taking pictures of myself and feel weird when someone else is taking my picture.

  32. I hate cooking, though I do it daily.

  33. I believe in astrology though I do not read mine all that much.

  34. I have never been clubbing.

  35. I prefer boys as friends than girls.

  36. I hate cheating and cheaters – school, application forms, resumes, whatever or wherever!

  37. I love walking bare foot.

  38. My favorite season is fall/autumn.

  39. My biggest regret is not doing a Ph.D as planned.

  40. My dream job is a traveling Industrial Organizational Psychologist.

  41. I am uberly punctual and hate late comers.

  42. I type 85wpm, but I do not know where a certain key is if you asked me randomly.

  43. I prefer chips over ice-cream.

  44. I enjoy classical music and often put them on while I am driving or working.

  45. I did not learn how to apply make up until I was 27 years old.

  46. I am a morning person.

  47. In college I had a room mate who smoked pot every day and surprisingly I had no problem with it.

  48. I am quite impatient, though now with 2 girls, I have learned a great deal of patience through them.

  49. I like to be prepared always.

  50. If I could go back and do something over, I would choose study abroad to India instead of doing research during summer (2010).



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