50 Ultimate Summer Activities for Preschoolers5 min read

50 Ultimate Summer Activities for Preschoolers5 min read

Hello again and welcome guys! I missed you all, and I am sorry I have been a little awol! It has been a very busy past few months.

This year spring did not just bring the beautiful colors and warm weather, but it also brought several rounds of cold and allergies to our house. My little ones have been sick on and off since February, and it has been super grueling for all of us. Thankfully with some May showers, the allergens have calmed down, and my girls are finally enjoying the warmer albeit rainy spring season.

Arya is loving all the cool outdoor activities at her preschool, such as water-play day, pirate day, scavenger hunts, and many others. She is my outdoorsy girl, and loves everything nature, sports, and open-air fun. She loves watching TV as well but not as much as she loves running around outside, tricycling, or playing with stones, chalk, flowers, and mud in the backyard.

I worry that she could get hurt, or get sick, or touch something yucky, but she remains carefree and curious. This is how I was raised. We did not have a TV, iPad, phones, or internet at home when growing up. All the internet related things were done at school, if any, and when we were at home, it was all outside play for us.

Research suggests that the more children are exposed to free play away from technology, the better it is for their imagination, creativity, and attention spans. 😊

Since spring turned into summer vacations in a blink of an eye, I prepared several things that Arya could do to stay busy during her summer holidays. I stocked up on several things from Target’s dollar bin and the Dollar Store and created this list of fun summer activities that we will try!


50 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

summer activities
Visiting grandma more is definitely a popular summer activity!
  • Sidewalk Chalk – the best way to keep kids busy.

  • Backyard pool party – you can find all kinds of pools based on the age of your kids. But for me 4 and 1 year old, I got this one from Walmart.

  • Painting – easel in the backyard or indoors, Arya loves painting. I got her these big sheets [thicker than paper], and watercolors from Amazon. Or,

  • Paint with your feet – aah this sounds amazing!!!

  • Blow bubbles – classic fun!

  • Kids science experiments – check this page!

  • Build a fort – indoor with cushions and blankets or outdoors with boxes.

  • Water gun – fill it with water or watercolors to spray paint, both are fun, entertaining, and might I add, messy! Or…

  • Have water balloon fights – that’s on our agenda for tomorrow when Arya’s nieces and nephews come over for a backyard party! 😊

  • Have a picnic – we usually head to the arboretum and watch ducks and turtles by the lake.

  • Do a movie night – favorite movie, popcorn, cozy blankets, and lights out will create the perfect family fun night.

  • Visit your local zoo, lake, or any other kid friendly museums or parks.

  • Backyard free play – Catching butterflies, picking flowers or fruits, digging, watering the garden, or just playing ball are some ways I keep Arya out of my office so I can get work done.

  • Visit the library – I still need to get Arya a library card! 😐 #goals

  • Farmer’s market is a must – good food, petting zoo, art and craft, and a park right next to it – what is better than the Davis Farmer’s Market?

  • Bike riding – Arya is a pro with tricycles now so during Summer we have plans to move on to some bicycle training.

  • Go berry picking.

  • Get started on some art and craft projects – check out Pinterest.

  • Eat popsicles and better yet, home made ones.

  • Go to the beach – make it a family day trip.

  • Build sandcastles and collect seashells.

  • Visit grandma more often – this will be starting next week so I can have some quiet time to work – no exactly quiet time because the baby will stay with me!

  • Check out Story Time at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore.

  • Ice cream and yogurt dates – this is a must for me and my girls! 😊

  • Coloring – get some free coloring pages here.

  • Play hopscotch.

  • Wash all the toys – backyard pool party for Mr. Snuggles, Baby Pie, and everyone else! 😊

  • Gardening – Arya’s grandmother has a vegetable garden and she loves to plant, water, and just be in the garden with her.

  • Read more books.

  • Make and fly a kite.

  • Ride the train – this is on my list of things I’d love to try with the girls. We have ridden the trains for fun, but not the public trains.

  • Bake cookies for movie nights.

  • Learn more chores – I have started a reward chart for Arya and I hope that through that, she can learn to do more chores around the house.

  • Learn/play monopoly.

  • Jump rope.

  • Play hide and seek outdoors.

  • Do puzzles.

  • Go on outdoor play dates.

  • Unplug more often – top of the list of all summer activities planned! 😊

  • Cook together – Arya has started preparing her own breakfast [bread and Nutella] and she loves the independence and confidence boost she gets from doing so

  • Learn a new skill.Β 

  • Take pictures of animals and butterflies – arya loves listening to birds in the backyard early morning. One of these days, I will give her a camera and see what kinds of pictures she takes from her adventurous day out 😊

  • Do nice things for someone.

  • Wash cars together.

  • Watch the July 4th fireworks.

  • Help mom – this should have been #1 on the list! 😊

  • Dance party – indoor or outdoors with the sprinklers on.

  • Eat snow cones – yummy!!

  • Make smoothies.

  • Have fun!!!!


What are some of your ideas for summer activities for preschoolers?


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