7 Nighttime Habits for Work-from-Home Moms4 min read

7 Nighttime Habits for Work-from-Home Moms4 min read

I used to believe that striking a work/life balance was possible, if I managed my time properly and planned everything from start to finish. But after having kids, I realized that there is no such thing as a perfect balance.

I create monthly and weekly goals and on a very good day, daily goals too. They help me stay organize, and focused. And, even if I am not able to tackle all the things on my list, it is a great accomplishment seeing things checked off.

I have been working from home for the past 5 years. In the beginning it was super easy and amazing. I couldn’t be happier because who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their home in pajamas and slippers? But after so many WFH years and with 2 little ones around, I experienced that trying to work from home was becoming work itself!

Since going back into the office was not an option, I created simple habits to make my home life easier to ensure a productive workday.

Here are some nighttime habits for work from home moms that will make your mornings better and less chaotic so you can focus on your work as necessary.


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Nighttime Habits for Work-from-Home Moms


1. Prepare things for kids

Pack snacks or lunch for little ones and set their clothes out the night before. If you have older kids, make sure they do the same to avoid rush hour and unnecessary clashes in the morning.

2. Breakfast preps

If you are a crockpot mom, put oatmeal on the night before. You can cut fruits, create parfaits, or prep, assemble, or even bake breakfast muffins the night before. This helps you if you have an early conference call and are not able to prepare breakfast in the morning.

3. Clean the kitchen and common areas

Nobody likes to wake up to a messy kitchen with dishes in the sink. Or see a messy living room when you are ready to open the windows for some fresh air. Make a habit of tidying, or picking up left-over toys from the floor to avoid delays and frustration in the morning. It will take minutes at night, but the same mess can really set a negative and unproductive mood for you in the morning.

4. Take a shower

I am embarrassed to admit that if I do not take a shower the night before, I sometimes don’t get that chance the next night! Nightly showers also help you sleep better so you can wake up fresh to get your day started in the morning. It just makes things easier and quicker! On a side note, you could take a longer shower or even a bath at night, versus a quick rushed shower in the morning.

5. Have a nighttime routine

Whether it’s a skincare routine, yoga, brushing/flossing, reading, having wine, or just relaxing with your partner, having a little relaxation and pamper time at night helps you de-stress and decompress to start a productive day in the morning.

6. Review calendars/planners & create a to-do-list

Check your planners and calendars to ensure you are prepared for your next day’s events. If you have an appointment straight after work, ensure your clothes are ready. If you have an important meeting, make sure that time is blocked for work without distractions. Create your to-do-list for the next day – mental list may work for you. But writing them down encourages you to focus on the task on that list and adding things that come up in the free spaces of your day. It enhances time-blocking and reduces unnecessary multi-tasking during the day.

Check out the deluxe monthly planner from Erin Condren. I just love using it!

7. Sleep early

Okay I saved the best for last. You know how our parents always told us to go to bed early and it seemed like they were punishing us? Lol! It was really for our benefit. Getting enough sleep is critical to our performance the next day. A cup of coffee or two can only do so much for your restlessness night. So create a habit of going to bed early. You will be thankful you did especially if your baby decides to wake up at 2am for a nursing session. 😊


What are some of your nighttime habits?


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