8 Things No One Told Me About My New Born5 min read

8 Things No One Told Me About My New Born5 min read

Before having a new born, you get countless advice from everyone and anyone about them. They are more like warnings!

There will be sleepless nights. Breastfeeding will be tricky. They cry a lot.

And the list goes on…

As a mother of 2 girls, I received many such unwanted tips. And I say unwanted because they would even come from complete strangers. Now after doing it on my own, I feel somewhat of an expert in the field. At least for now…Who knows what teen years will bring upon me! 😐

Despite all the “warnings”, there were some things that surprised me when I had my first baby. They are not that big of a deal but to a new mom, they were downright weird and worrisome.

8 Things No One Told Me About My New Born



New born is jumpy.

A slight sound or even putting a blanket on them would make my new born jump up. Her hands would go up in defensive position and legs would straighten fully. Even when she was asleep, she was still jumpy. I would swaddle her to avoid that but that would work only on some occasions. My mother in law advised me to keep her around more loud sounds to get her acclimated to her environment and avoid the jumpiness. It may be practical, but I thought it would be cruel to expose an already jumpy new born to loud noises. Now every time she gets startled and lifts her hands up, I gently bring them down or hold her hands/legs wrapped in my arms to avoid the jumpiness. I have read that this startling reflex tends to disappear around 3 months.

They make a lot of grunting noises

Apart from their usual crying, new born babies also tend to make grunting noises. Both my girls, especially my new born right now, makes grunting sounds when she is nursing, and even during her sleep. At first, I thought she had a nose block, but that was not the case. Her doctor stated that she was probably clearing her air ways or having a bowel movement.

They sneeze a lot.

Oh my this is true! And the sneezing does not result in running nose or anything. My new born sneezes a lot. I have changed her blankets, and clothes detergent, and even changed how I breastfeed to avoid breasts pressing on her nose. Even though it has decreased a lot since she was born, it was a weird thing for me to see her sneezing all the time.

New born poop is like diarrhea.

This was a surprise to me with my first baby. But then it sort of made sense because her diet was only breast milk. Another peculiar thing is that the texture of their poop is like mango or rather pureed mango. The colors can vary from yellow to green. See here for additional information on colors and what they mean.

They breath differently.

A new born baby’s breathing is short and fast paced with occasional pauses in between. With my daughter, I used to wonder if her body was in the fight or flight response phase but then I read that it was normal for babies to breath rapidly. This goes on for about 5-6 weeks, after which they develop a more regular breathing pattern. I found myself awake on several nights checking if my baby girl was still breathing because she would pause and then start her racing breathing again and it would just freak me out.

They move their hands and legs a lot.

New born babies have high reflex and as a result they jerk their arms and legs rather frequently. This goes with their jumpy feeling, which is caused by their “still developing neurological systems”. They do this in response to a stimulus like the mobile or momma’s smiling face, or even when just chilling around. The high reflex tends to calm down as they approach the 3 months mark.

New born babies can have extra swelling in private areas.

Now this was a scary thing for me. I only have girls, so I can only speak from my experience with them, but when they were born, both of their pubic parts were huge. The doctor said it was due to the extra hormones from my body into theirs and that the swelling would subside in a few weeks. Either way, I was worried and scared at the sight of it and often wondered if it was painful for them especially during showers or diaper change. The swelling did go down and the genitals were their normal size within 3 weeks for both my girls.

New born head can have bumps.

This was another surprise for me. When my second daughter was born, I noticed she had a big bump on the right side of her head. She was born with a full head of hair, so it was only noticeable when I touched her head. I thought she was hurt but the doctor said it was very common for new born babies to have such bumps. It is generally caused when babies pass the birth canal and their skull is rubbing hard against the mother’s pelvic bones. It is basically the swelling of the scalp and is not an indicator of any brain or skull injuries. The bump on my daughter’s head subsided when she was about 5 weeks old.

So, there you go momma’s!

Some weird things you may not be expecting but notice in your new born babies. As parents we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I suggest that if you notice anything out of the ordinary in your little one, to seek medical advice because making any assumptions.

Everything I have shared here are based on my experience with my 2 daughters.

I am not a medical professional of any kind; just an overprotective mom who is doing her best raising her girls! 😊

Inspiration/reference: Parents.com


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