A Minimalist Baby Registry from a Frugal Mom7 min read

A Minimalist Baby Registry from a Frugal Mom7 min read

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Creating a baby registry for your baby can be very overwhelming. The myriad of brands and products available is daunting and sometimes I feel, totally unnecessary.

As parents, we attempt to choose a safe, reliable, and quality product for our children. We read reviews, get feedback, or try a product before purchasing them for our little ones.

For our second baby, my husband and I decided to create a registry through Amazon.

We have a Prime account which guarantees a 2 and even a 1-day shipping/delivery on many products, and this was a plus for us. I had a baby shower with my first and received several items then. However, this time, we did not have a baby shower, and since we also had several items carry over from our oldest, we thought that it would be easier to use the Amazon baby registry instead of going into the store for our purchases. As an added bonus, I also received a Welcome Box from Amazon!


I consider myself frugal 😊, and I read reviews and consider the prices before making purchases. I limit unnecessary buys and stick to what is necessary.

Having said that, I am sharing my minimalist baby registry items below. These are, in my opinion, the utmost important items that you really need to take care of a new baby.

Nevertheless, every baby and family are different so please do your research and get items that work best for your baby and lifestyle.


A Minimalist Baby Registry from a Frugal Mom


minimalist baby registry



Diaper and wipes – I only used Huggies diaper and wipes with my first kiddo. However, this time around, I tried the Pampers Newborn diapers and they are working well so far. I also tried the Water Wipes (it was a gift) and I really like these wipes. It is a little thin but its wet and wipes well. It has not broken on me so far and I am planning on getting additional boxes of these.

Changing pad – this can be an optional item, but I do recommend it. I got the Summer Infant Contoured changing pad to put on the dresser drawer which I set up as a changing station. And I got this Daffadoot travel changing mat to keep in the diaper bag or use else where around the house.

Disposable diaper sacks – We opted out of getting a Diaper Genie this time around. It never really works well to keep the smell inside and the liners are just a waste of money. Instead, I got the Sassy Disposable diaper sacks. The bag smells like baby powder and it keeps the dirty diaper smell inside.

Diaper rash cream – I have only ever used Desitin Baby Rash cream therefore I am recommending that. It dries up baby rash or redness on the skin after just one application.

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Bath time

Bath tub/seat/support – When my older child was born, we purchased a bath tub for her from Buy Buy Baby. I still have it but for my newborn this time, I decided to get the Angelcare Baby Bath Support. She sits in it comfortably and I do not have to hold her or support her in any way while I give her a bath.

Shampoo/conditioner/wash – I recommend both Johnson & Johnson as well as Aveeno products. I have used them both and my babies have never had any reaction to either.

Towels/wash cloths – there are so many fancy towels out there, but I decided to get a good, simple, and quality bath towel for my baby. I recommend the Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel. It is soft, absorbent, thick, and plush, and I love how gentle it feels.


Bottles – I breastfed my first baby exclusively for 13 months. She refused to take any bottles even though I tried the whole lot that is available in the market. Once she turned 1, we turned her to the gallon milk and she happily took the Phillips Avent Natural bottles. And Phillips is what we bought this time around as well.

Burp Cloths – okay so I am sure you know that you need a 100 of these or maybe 1000. I purchased a few different kinds. The Gerber Gauze Diaper Cloths are a little thin but they are light weight and soft. I also got the Gerber Flannel Burp Cloths which are thicker and more absorbent. And the third kind I bought is some from Carters and I love them. These go over your shoulder and are thicker, very absorbent, and comfortable.

Boppy Nursing Pillow – I have this Boppy since my first kiddo and I bought a few additional covers for it.


Onesie/body suits – I always favor Carters baby clothes over any other. They do not shrink or wither from the wash and I love their cute and comfy styles.



Swaddle blankets – okay so I never used a swaddle with my first because she was a winter baby and swaddle blankets are usually thinner, therefore, I assumed they wouldn’t be appropriate during winter. For my newborn who is a summer baby, I went all out with swaddle blankets. However, my utmost favorable swaddle is the Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets. They are breathable, soft, durable even after several washes, comfortable, and I love the variety in their colors.

Other blankets – I also recommend getting other baby blankets, like those plush kinds, because babies feel chilly especially in the beginning when they come out of the nice, warm, wombs 😊

Health & Safety

First aid kit – this is an optional item. I purchased lose baby first aid products/medicine, but I never use them which is a good thing.

Nursery Care kit – I do recommend a grooming kit. The Summer Infant Nursery Kit has several items such as a thermometer, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, etc. You can get these items separately as well. I purchased a digital thermometer in additional to this kit.

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Car seat – for both my girls, I purchased the Graco 4-ever 4-in-1 Convertible car seat. We love this car seat with our 3.5-year-old and newborn.

Stroller – this is optional if you buy a baby carrier. It is also something you can get later and may not need right off the bat. There are so many types of strollers available depending on your life style and need.


Swing/bouncer/gym/Activity mat – if you take a stroll around the play section of a baby store, you will become overwhelmed by all the different kinds/brands or swings, bouncers, and mats etc. I do recommend getting something for your little one, like a bouncer and an activity mat. I purchased this Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. It is versatile and can be used in the recline or sitting position. It also vibrates and is very calming for the little one. Depending on the type you get, the spinning and musical toys in front of the rocker is also a great time pass for the little one.

For the activity mat, we purchased the Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity mat/gym for our older daughter and I have kept it till now. There are many kinds of mats and I do recommend one for tummy time entertainment and for sensory stimulation for the baby.

Toys – other age appropriate toys would be good for baby’s sensory and motor development.


Crib – we purchased the Dream on me Classic Convertible crib from Walmart. I used a Fisher Price Charlotte 3-in-1 Convertible crib with my oldest, and they both were easy to assemble, are simple, chic and affordable.

Mattress – I recommend the Sealy Ortho Rest Crib and Toddler Mattress as I purchased it twice for both my kiddos. It is not too soft or firm and has a water proof cover to prevent water, mold, mildew or odor from seeping inside.

Sheets / blankets

For Moms:

Diaper bag – I received the Abear Diaper Bag Backpack as a gift. It is water resistant, spacious storage compartments, adjustable padded straps for comfortable carry, and very stylish.

Nursing pads – I exclusively breastfed my oldest daughter and am currently doing the same for my newborn. For that purpose, I recommend these Lansinoh nursing pads. They are leak-proof, comfortable, and they stay put. I also advise on getting the Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream as breastfeeding can be painful and cause cracked nipples.


This is not an exhaustive list, but for a minimalist mom on a budget with limited space, this minimalist baby registry worked wonderfully for my kiddos and my wallet :).


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