About me

about me
Hi ! I am Ashna. I am working mom of 2 girls, living in sunny California with my husband, and my in laws.

I work from home so thankfully I get to be with girls all the time. I consider myself to be a dedicated, overprotective, and a slightly traditional mom. My husband is my biggest support; we are both perfectionist and practical Virgos :), and when we are not working, we spend time with each other and our girls.


Here we are during our pre-engagement photo shoot πŸ™‚


I started blogging many years back. It was when I could not afford to own a website, and when I kept most of it private.

Writing has always been my passion and blogging my solace!

However, last year after reading Elna Cain’s How to Start a Mom Blog on TwinsMommy.com, I finally gathered some courage to dive in and start my own self-hosted blog!

Enter, Hacking Through Life

Everyone has a story to tell. Some share it via pictures on Instagram, others write about it via blogs. Nevertheless, we all have a unique view and experience from life. And, if that experience can help someone get some tips, or advice, or even hope out of it, then it is worth sharing!


[My story includes an always-busy and hardworking husband, 2 daughters who are my life, AND traditional, yet sometimes annoying in-laws.(eek!)] πŸ˜‰


In this blog, you will find informative, witty, and inspiring pieces drawn from my life.


I will be sharing posts on mom life, wellness and self-care tips, how to hack being a productive person (and mom!), and some of my favorite recipes that I recommend.


So stick around guys, and if you like what you read, please do share! Feel free to drop me a message below


Β Happy reading! πŸ™‚


Warm regards,

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