about me

Hi ! I am Ashna. I am working mom of 2 girls (Arya – 3 1/2, Avya 3 months), living in Sacramento, CA with my husband, and my in laws.


I work from home so thankfully I get to be with girls all the time. I consider myself to be a dedicated, overprotective, and slightly traditional mom. My husband is my biggest support; we are both perfectionist and practical Virgos :), and when we are not working, we spend time with each other and our girls.


Here we are during our pre-engagement photo shoot 🙂



I started blogging many years back. It was when I could not afford to own a website, and when I kept most of it private.

Writing has always been my passion and blogging my solace!

Last year after reading Elna Cain’s How to Start a Mom Blog on TwinsMommy.com (She has updated this post since then!), I finally got the courage to dive in and start my own self-hosted blog!

Enter, Hacking Through Life…


In this blog, you will find informative, witty, and inspiring pieces drawn from my life. Everyone has a story to tell. Some share it via pictures on Instagram, others write about it via blogs. Nevertheless, we all have a unique view and experience from life. And, if that experience can help someone get some tips, or advice, or even hope out of it, then it is worth sharing!


My goal is to share, to teach, and to connect with driven and passionate mamas out there trying to make it happen daily! We all do our best to balance our work and family lives and some times a little motivation, a pat on the back, or even support can help tremendously!

You will find many different topics in this blog, such as tips on mom life, some opinionated pieces or general helpful information, lifestyle choices shared, and productivity and wellness pieces, and some dishes tried by yours truly! 🙂


So stick around guys, and if you like what you read, please do share!

I am new to blogging (to an audience) so if you have any tips, please do not hesitate to pass them my way! 🙂

 Happy reading! 🙂


Warm regards,






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