About me

Hi ! I am Ashna, a working mom of 2 girls, living in Sacramento, CA with my husband, and my in laws.

My husband and I met via a family friend in March 2013 and we tied the knot that same year in November.

Quick you say?

Well, it was geared off as an arranged marriage, however, it was love for the both of us! 😊 He and I are both Virgos and that was a negative selling point for me at first. However, after we dated for a few months, I realized that he and I were very different in some wonderful ways. We are similar yet different to keep each other not bored yet not anticipating all the time.

Here is a picture from our wedding day that I would like to share 😊



I am not a professional writer or blogger, though I have always enjoyed writing, which is why I started Hacking through Life.

Life is what we make of it. Many of us don’t have it easy and in fact we all have to work hard to keep things rolling smoothly.

Be it money, children, living situations, career/jobs, education and even family/friends, they all need attention at one point or another, and in some cases, all at once. God knows I made so many mistakes in my twenties just learning about these things.

I started this blog to to explore, to learn, to teach, and to share ideas, and tips on some of these areas of my life and how I tackled them, and even gained perspective from them.

So there you have it!

Welcome to my blog and please feel free to share your comments and ideas on anything you find interesting or useful on my page!

Happy reading!


Warm regards,