22 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day4 min read

22 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day4 min read

As a busy working mom of 2 girls, I have forgotten what it’s like to have a date with my husband. Of course, it isn’t for the lack of passion or romance, but due to our hectic schedules and crazy timing of everything, we find it difficult to escape and have alone time together out of the house. Today I am going to share some at home date night ideas to have with your partner on Valentine’s Day, or any day. Get a pen out and take notes. Once the kids are off to bed, plan for some alone time with your partner right in the comfort of your home.


At home date night ideas

Make a meal together. When was the last time you both cooked together? If you answered never, or a long time ago, then maybe you ought to consider cooking together. Pick your favorite menu, get the ingredients, crack some wine open, and get cooking.

Watch a movie together. My husband and I have very different tastes in movies. However, sometimes we allow each other to pick our movies and then end up liking it. [He made me watch Lord of the Rings and I turn him towards romantic Bollywood movies ;)]

Set the mood. Light some candles, maybe put on some light music, and/or dim the lights.

Give each other a massage.

Watch your wedding video or album. It may not be a perfect mood-setter for him but reminiscing through the wedding pictures/videos is a great way to rekindle some fires.

Play video game together. Ladies, if you don’t know how, have your man teach you. It’s a great way to do something he enjoys that may be a little less girly, but can be super fun 😉.

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Drink hot cocoa together. Sitting together, drinking hot cocoa, and just talking about things is a great way to catch up with each other.

Create bucket /travel/adventure lists together. Planning your future, what you hope to do together, family vacations, or just dreaming together is very romantic and practical.

Express gratitude. Tell each other how grateful you are for each other. Expressing gratitude and appreciation enhances love and creates intimacy.

Create videos together. Okay this is something I always want to do. I would love to sit with my hubby and maybe record a short video for our girls – maybe share how we met, their birth nights, and just random things that we want our girls to know.

Do some art together. Draw, paint, or color – whatever you like.

Make dessert together. If kids went to bed late, and dinner is already done, then whip up dessert together. Here are 90 ridiculously easy desserts to try with only 5 ingredients.

Play the questions game. Oh man, I love asking my husband questions and seeing how he responds. Sometimes he doesn’t reciprocate, but at least I get to crawl inside his head for a bit :P)

Have a backyard picnic. Bring out the blanket, maybe a lantern or candles, and have dinner/dessert in the backyard. Make sure to bring the baby monitor and/or secure the house first.

Take a bath together. This is so romantic. Light a few candles and soak into the tub together.

Play a trivia game. Download the trivia app on your phone and start getting to know each more.

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Turn your bedroom into a hotel. Yes!!!! Get some high thread-count sheets, declutter the nightstand and chest drawers so there is nothing distracting around, jump into cozy pajamas, and dim the lights to set the mood.

Have a spa date. Ladies, we love doing our facials so how about letting your man in on it as well? Get some cozy robes, get a pitcher with cucumber water ready, have a bath together, use body scrubs, masks, and enjoy each other as you pamper one another.

Make a themed meal. Pick a country from your wanderlust bucket list and cook a meal inspired by that country. Pizza (Italy), Mediterranean and Greek food, Sushi (Japan), curry (India).

Clean together. Okay this may not sound like a date idea but cleaning, or doing a home project, or organizing something together as a team is a great way to bond/chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Read together. Throw some pillows and blankets on the living room floor, and snuggle on the floor with a favorite book.

Pop popcorn and watch Youtube videos all night. Need i say more? 🙂


What are some of your at home date night ideas? Do share them in the comments below.


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