“Back in the Saddle Again…”3 min read

“Back in the Saddle Again…”3 min read

Hi guys,

It is so good to be finally back on the blog. I hope everything has been great with you all. The last time I wrote was sometime back in September, and even though I have missed writing and connecting with you all, I have been very much enjoying my time away from social media (SM) and blogging.

I decided to take a break from SM, especially from Instagram, in the beginning of August. The posting, the comparison and just trying to catch up with the posts (other people’s posts that is) was time consuming and ridiculously exhausting. I found myself on my phone all the time; scrolling through feeds unnecessarily, and comparing my life and blog to others.

After one too many sarcastic comments from my husband, I decided to uninstall the Instagram app and disable FB from my phone.

The first few weeks were difficult, but then I forgot to miss it and soon it completely faded out of my life. Truth be told, I am NOT very good with SM. I hate promoting myself, I don’t like posting pictures (mostly because I’d rather print them for an album then find that one perfect picture to post on SM), and I hate all the mind-games surrounding liking pictures, superficial connection, and status updates.

I am sure ya’ll hate me now, but I am just being honest. What I DO love is writing; email writing, or just blogging to express and share what I know or experience.

Anyways, so several weeks later, Instagram and FB became a thing of the past. It was so freeing!! I felt relaxed and happy, and I had more time with my kids, watching movies, cooking, or just going out and about.

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Once I stopped scrolling through other peoples’ lives, I began living my own; without the urge to share, or care about what others thought, and without any feelings of comparison, guilt, or pressure.

I crawled back a few times just to see if anyone missed me 😛 but then quickly ran out because it felt like a giant whirlpool ready to suck me back in! Thankfully, I have not been back on Instagram since then.

But then, along with a hiatus from Instagram, I decided to take a break from blogging, Pinterest, and Twitter (the latter two aren’t my thing anyways), and enjoy as many “lazy” days as possible.

I work full time, have 2 girls who demand 25 hours of my day, and a husband/inlaws who expect every ounce of my sweat and blood, so yeah, lazy days are not what you think they are. However, spending less time online has helped me be more present offline – for my daughters especially – and even though they are more exhausting than SM, I stand by my choices.

Now after not blogging for the over 6 weeks, I thought I would stop by and say hi to you, and quickly drop a few words about what all has been going on.

Oh, and to share what November is looking like 😉

  1. Christmas décor shopping (DIY projects in the making) – I so want to make a wreath for our front door this year.

  2. Thanksgiving meal list – done.

  3. Harvest Festival – done with kiddos.

  4. Gift shopping – this year I will do something different – details later.

  5. Hot cocoa – has been on the menu every day since mid October 😊

  6. Forts behind sofa with the girls – done and it was so much fun – though hard for me to squeeze behind the sofa 😊

  7. Hallmark movies – ooh this began already and thanks to Hallmark channel for releasing their movies list early.

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That’s November so far!

So tell me how your holiday plans are going? Did you knock that Fall bucket list complete? How was Halloween?



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