Best At-Home Facial Ingredient for a Deep Cleanse4 min read

Best At-Home Facial Ingredient for a Deep Cleanse4 min read

I have a combination skin type.

What this means is dry in some areas and oily in others such as the T-Zone area. However, the opposite is also true for me.

My skin is uber sensitive, especially to scrubs and masks. For this reason, I try to avoid harsh, chemical-filled scrubs on my face and often stick to home-made, natural ones.

I have a very simple current skin-care routine which includes Ole Henriksen moisturizer, Caudalie Vine[Activ] Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum, belif Witch Hazel Extract Toner and the Neutrogena Night Cream (I love this!!!)

Since I work from home, I do not wear as much make up which I usually prefer as I am a make-up neophyte.

No really! Most of my make-up application knowledge comes from my besties and via You-tube, and I only started wearing a foundation when I turned 28!

I enjoy seeing others apply makeup and talk about different skin care products however, I am always hesitant to try them for the fear that my skin will react badly to them.

For this reason, I try to use home-made packs and masks whenever possible.

Consistency is key!

When I try a new pack, I often expect it to work like magic ☹ Apply and boom, it should start showing a difference.

Of course, that is never the case!

However, recently I tried the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and boy did I get a surprise!

It is apparently one of the most “buzzed-about” beauty product these days, which clearly has been around for ages. They say that Cleopatra used it from the Nile River!

Well if it’s good enough for her, I’d say why not!

I did a little more research about the product and how it works and decided to give it a try!



Disclaimer: If you have any allergy to metals or clay, please use your own discretion when applying this product. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you use that link to make any purchases, I will receive an affiliate commission. All products mentioned were posted based on experiences from my purchases. I am not being paid for my recommendation or reviews of any products.


Steps used to apply the mask

-Wash your face clean and pat try it.

-In a plastic container (do not use any silver wear due to the nature of the product), take a spoon full of the clay.

-Add a few drops of water and make a paste. (I used water and not apple cider vinegar due to my sensitive skin type and because I have never tried vinegar on my face)

-The texture should not be runny or dry, but more paste-like that can easily be applied to your face.

-As always, do a test application on your hand prior to using the product.

-Use a concealer brush or your fingers and apply a thin layer on your face.

-If you have extremely dry skin, you can avoid the dry areas and focus on the oily and acne prone areas of your face.

-After the first layer, apply another layer (I used a concealer brush to apply so it was a very light first layer. Then I applied another layer on top to cover my skin completely under the clay).

-Leave it on for 15 – 30 minutes and then wash it off. (the clay should be completely dry and appear cracked when you moved your facial muscles. This is how you know that it is time to wash – regardless of the time I mentioned here)

-Follow with moisturizer or face oil that you normally use.


After applying the clay, you will feel some tingling sensation on your face.

It felt like vibrations to me, like tiny vibrations or massage-like feeling, and that means that the clay is working.


Changes to my skin.

Immediately after washing it off, my face felt like I just had a facial.

My pores felt so clean and smooth and I don’t mean just clean like after you wash your face with a cleanser. This was like deep clean and areas where I noticed white/black heads before were all clean.

I felt as if my face was still vibrating; the pores around my nose were almost non-existent, and my face was glowing as if from a good steam and facial from the salon! It was definitely one of the best at-home facial I had done!

I will try this on my hair next! 😊 Let me know if you try and if it works for you!


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