5 QUICK Fixes to Online Boredom Shopping3 min read

5 QUICK Fixes to Online Boredom Shopping3 min read

For the month of August, I have decided to do a shopping detox. Yep, I will not be making any purchases that do not include groceries, gas, and/or necessities for the kids such as diapers and wipes.

I know some of you must be thinking, “ya right”, or “Umm how?”, but honestly, I am quite frugal by nature. I don’t chase sales or shop by influence much and I am glad I do not otherwise I would be having guilt fests round the clock. Nevertheless, these past few months, I did find myself guilty of a little boredom shopping online, and when I finally realized it, it was a huge wake-up call.

You are sitting at your computer, and your phone is right there, and during a boring conference call, you find yourself browsing through our favorite store. Before you realize it, your order number appears on the screen with a convenient 2-day shipping date.

Yep, we have all been there!

In this day and age of influencer marketing, I would be frowned at if I said shopping “under the influence” was bad. But in all the honesty, it would be smarter to think about your true need and your wallet before giving in to boredom shopping.

Today I will share 5 quick and sure fixes to online boredom shopping.

5 QUICK Fixes to Online Boredom Shopping


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  1. Uninstall shopping apps from your phone.

Get rid of your favorite apps; mine were Sephora, Amazon, Torrid, Ebates, and Target, and this is the first step to combating boredom shopping. If the app is not there, you will NOT be tempted to “just browse”.

  1. Remove credit cards from PayPal and Google pay.

Yeah, those quick payment options are evil 😐! Haha they make shopping so much easier because you don’t need your cards on hand at all. The option to use PayPal is available on almost every site, so unless you absolutely need your card there for business or payment receipt purposes, it’s best to remove it.

  1. Evaluate the triggers.

Do you only shop when on a commute? Or perhaps during break at work? Or maybe that conference call that dragged for hours? Well, whatever be the trigger, find it and fill it with something else such as walk during breaks, listen to podcasts or read during commute, etc.

  1. Use wish lists.

If you do find yourself back on Amazon, use a wish list for your boredom shopping instead of the cart. That way, when you revisit the app the next time, and see the items, you might have changed your mind about buying them altogether.

  1. Change your mindset.

So, I saved the hardest for the last! 😊 When we see SALES, we automatically think SAVINGS. But what if we didn’t think that? What if we changed our mindset altogether and realized that you can never be saving if you are spending money? In other words, somethings may be cheaper in price, but do we ever really buy that 1 item that is really on sale? NO! We often end up buying more than what we budgeted for, or wanted to get in the first place. Besides buying something just because they are on sale is still spending and NOT saving it. 😉

So there you have it guys! Since I have recently utilized these tips, I decided to share them with you all. I hope they help and if you have additional tips, please share them in the comments below!


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