This Busy Mama’s Christmas Wish List3 min read

This Busy Mama’s Christmas Wish List3 min read

Generous is my middle name. Whether its money, things, or time, I am always giving it all to somebody else (family, job, kids, friends).

You might think that being generous is a great quality to have, but you know what, sometimes it stinks! If everyone on Titanic was acting generous about giving up their seats on the life-boats, no one would make it out alive!

Okay, fine bad example but you get my point!

After having baby # 2, one thing I desperately wish for every day is more time.

OR maybe a life coach!

Either way, I often wish there were more hours in a day – like an additional few hours after kids go to bed and before I have to sleep too!

That would be just FANTASTIC!

But till that happens, here are some other things on my Christmas wish list.


Spa Day

A real spa day or two including all kinds of pampering from hair/head to toes/nails would be a wonderful gift. My sense of self-care has diminished (OR RATHER DIED!) after having my second daughter. So, having a prepaid spa day definitely tops my Christmas wish list.

Maid Service

I am a neat freak – or I was until I got married and had kids. Even then I try my best to clean, organize, decorate, and de-clutter but it quickly gets shot to sh*t by several loving members of my family (shamelessly NOT just the kids!!).

Gym membership

Yes a gym membership not only to work-out but to be able to get alone-time, away from the house, burning the fats definitely makes it on my Christmas wish list.

Date Night

The last time my husband and I had an UNINTERRUPTED date was before we got married! Enough said!

Nice/Cool Coffee Mug

I love how people on Instagram takes pictures with these cool coffee mugs that say things like “I’d rather be blogging”, “But first coffee”, “Woman on a Mission”, etc.

Well I want one with some inspiration quote on it! And with a coaster too 😊


A pack of journal writing notebooks and a bloom daily planner would be greatly appreciated – thank you!!

Bigger Bedroom Closet

Our bedroom isn’t the master bedroom in the house, so you can only imagine how tiny my closet must be! No KIDDING!

I told my husband to move the existing hanging rod upwards so there is a lot of more space on the bottom to fit a cubed organizer. BUT I guess it has to be on my Christmas wish list first until hubby makes it happen!


And I mean THIS duvet in a CAL KING size please!


The last thing on my Christmas wish list is time for myself. Some of my friends tell me that this uninterrupted time for myself can only be given to me by ME. But I don’t agree.

I live with inlaws. Despite that, I don’t really have anyone who can watch my girls long enough to give me uninterrupted me-days or hours.

I tell myself that it is OKAY because I love my babies, and I would give up all sorts of time and things for them. But sometimes even the best of mommy needs to recharge. And THAT can only happen if someone took charge of the kiddos.

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him I wanted coupons for me-time where I could have uninterrupted freedom to shop, eat, chill, or run errands.

He said OK! Christmas is a week away, so let’s wait and see 😉


So there you go friends – my Christmas wish list.

What’s on yours?

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