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I Quit Sugar for 7 Days and Here Is What Happened

My 7-day sugar detox ended yesterday (9/16).

It was an exhausting, irritable, and a wonderful week! I began my detox on Monday and decided to not consume any sugar, sugary products, rice, or bread of any kind for the next 7 days.

 I am sure that you all know the long list of benefits to quitting sugar. Some persuasive reasons are:

  • High...

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sugar detox
Detox Challenge, Self Care & Wellness

7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge (Introduction, Goals, Rules)

Sugar consumption is a major health problem today.

Considering that sugar is everywhere – basically anything that tastes good has sugar – it becomes very difficult when trying to rid sugar from our diets.

I am a curvy and plus size woman.

I blame my mom because when I was a baby, she fed me everything and anything that would give me...

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