Cold and Flu Survival Kit: The Ultimate Checklist for Busy Moms5 min read

Cold and Flu Survival Kit: The Ultimate Checklist for Busy Moms5 min read

Winter was rough this time around. And I am sure my friends not in California will laugh in my face especially those who are battling snow storms and frozen roads. But in all the honesty, this winter was more than what this Californian could handle. It could be because we had less consistent rain this season, and that made it bone-chilling cold. Rain helps to dissolve the chills making the wet-colds more tolerable.

Because of this terrible cold, everyone at home got sick with severe cold and flu. It was rough as it started with the kids and then quickly moved on to the adults. Once we all got sick, it almost seemed like we were passing the symptoms back and forth.

The last thing I could do was focus on myself because both my girls got the cold – oldest had it for over a week and then the baby got it. I was running around making sure I had everything stocked in the medicine cabinet to get us all through the cold and flu symptoms.

Therefore in today’s post I will be sharing your everyday cold and flu survival kit. You might think of it as common sense to keep all these items handy, but believe me, sometimes you forget and then the next thing you know, you are too sick to go to the pharmacy or local supermarket to get them.


cold and flu survival kit


For the kids:

Pain and fever reducers – Get whatever works best for your family; whether its acetaminophen or ibuprofen products, as long as you use the correct dosage charts prior to administrating them.

Cough syrups – one that has cough suppressant and expectorant so it can help get the phlegm and mucus out of your throat/nose. Keep in mind that these may not come for children under the age of 2 (we didn’t give our baby anything except Infant acetaminophen).

Saline solution – to soften the hard nasal-mucus so they can be easily suctioned out. I get this for my baby along with the boogie bulb, and they work well.

Thermometer – it is advisable to constantly check the kids’ temperature to know when to seek additional medical help.

Tissues – lots and lots of tissues because the running noses will call for them.

Humidifier – with the heaters running full-on, the air gets really dry and keeping a humidifier will ease some of that dry air problem. Moist air makes breathing easier and reduces some of the cold symptoms. Here is an article on how to ensure that you are using the humidifier in a proper manner.

Vapor rub – these are very helpful for suppressing coughs and for aches and pains, however, be mindful that it has menthol which may be unsafe for the baby. There are several vapor rubs for children, including organic and non-mentholated ones too.         


For mama and papa:

Along with the adult version of cough syrups and pain/fever relievers, here are some additional things you may want to keep on hand during cold and flu symptoms.

Cough drops – for quick and easy cough suppressant, and throat pain relief.

Fluids – lots of water or apple juice for the kids to go around. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to get the symptoms out of your system, and FAST!

Soup – because nothing else tastes and feels better during congestion and sore throat 🙂

Sanitizer wipes/gel – because you wouldn’t want to keep spreading the germs back and forth.


My personal recommendations:

Thera flu pods – if you have a Keurig, these pods will be a lifesaver [they should not be taken along with Tylenol – it’s one or the other]. I’d rather take Tylenol in the form of a hot liquid beverage so I definitely recommend the Thera flu pods (or packets). P.S. if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before taking them.

Tylenol bubblegum – for my 4-year-old medicine hater, we opted for the bubble gum flavored Tylenol. She gave us major drama for any medicine we would administer to her however, she was more accepting of the bubblegum flavored Tylenol than the regular one.  

Puffs tissue with Vicks – these are my favorite, especially if you have a blocked nose because it opens right up.

Coconut oil – we normally put these on our head because the cooling effect eases headaches and sinus pains. However, some recommend it with the ginger/lemon/honey concoction mentioned below.

Ginger, lemon and raw honey – this works well for sore throats and even the overall flu/cold symptoms. Honey is an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and it helps the body fight infections. Lemon alters the body’s ph. thus making it less hospitalable for the flu/cold symptom to stay long, and ginger helps you sweat out any toxins brought about with the cold/flu thus decreasing the length of the symptoms. Together the three work better than most medicine [I believe this!!], and as a bonus, it is completely natural and safe! FYI: make sure all the three ingredients are fresh and the honey is raw to make it more effective.

Salt + warm water = bye bye sore throat!


So there you have it guys. I hope you find this post helpful! And if you have any additional recommendations for me [especially for the kiddos], feel free to write them below.

Oh, before I forget….


As you know, I am not a doctor [just a mom with magical powers tongue-out], so please consult your doctor before using anything that I have recommended in this article. Also, choose what’s best for your family – and what has worked for you guys. This list is only a helpful reminder for all us busy parents in case a cold/flu suddenly attacks.


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