How to Establish a Daily Reading Routine4 min read

How to Establish a Daily Reading Routine4 min read

Do you have a list of books that you have been meaning to read? Or maybe you added it to your bucket list but never could make it part of your daily reading routine?

You are not alone!

Before marriage and kids, I was an avid reader. I enjoyed curling up with a book and not just for school purposes but for leisure and relaxation as well. But now time just flies, and excuses pile up and I am not able read like I did before.

Why is it important to read?

Reading has several great benefits. It not only entertains you but also makes your brain happy.

  • Stimulates and exercises our brain.
  • Reduces stress and improves memory.
  • Enhances analytical skills and knowledge.
  • Improves your concentration and focus.
  • Builds writing skills.

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Finding time to read can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Due to an increase technology use, our reading habits have been kicked to the curb. It is not completely hopeless but we have become slaves to Instastories and IGTV over reading.

In an effort to change my own reading habits, today I would like to share some tips on how to form a daily reading routine. And, Facebook updates and twitter feed don’t count 😉



How to Establish a Daily Reading Routine


daily reading routine


1. Limit social media

Fill the time you spend browsing on social media with reading a book. When you feel like reaching for your phone, stop yourself and go grab that book sitting on your nightstand.

2. Carry a book with you

I always had a book in my handbag, but now I have wipes, snacks, and tissue :P. On a serious note, keep your favorite book at work in case you decide to eat lunch at your desk, and carry one in your laptop bag/purse so you are motivated to read.

3. Keep books around the house.

Scatter books around the house – coffee tables, below end tables, near the fireplace, and even in the bathroom. Whenever you get a moment to relax on the sofa, try to read a few pages before turning on your favorite TV show.

4. Put reading on your calendar or reminder app.

Just like everything else, schedule reading in your planner and to-do-list for the day or week, and block time for reading. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 30 minutes, if it is on your schedule, there is a good chance you will actually read.

5. Read while you work out.

Instead of listening to music, read a few pages while you walk on the treadmill. You can start your playlist when you shift to running 😊

6. Read to your kids.

Whether it’s The Hungry Caterpillar or The Alchemist, read to your little ones. It develops a reading habit in them and you, and this will give you some quality time with them too.

7. Try audio books or e-readers.

I personally love the touch and smell of books over electronic reading devices, but e-readers and audio books are great alternatives.

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8. Start or join a book club.

Join or start a book club with your friends, families, and/or coworkers. Being part of a club keeps you accountable and motivates you to read and analyze as well.

9. Write about it.

If you have a blog, write about reading or share some of your favorite books as the next post. Writing about it will motivate you to start reading – if you haven’t already 😉. And as an added bonus, it will make a great blogging topic.

10. Set goals.

Set reading goals for yourself. For example: X number of books per month, X number of pages per day, read your favorite book series, or your favorite author. Good reads has tons of great recommendations, and you can create “Want to Read” or “Already Read” lists that you can share on social media for motivation.

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11. Start small.

The thought about reading a book from cover to cover may seem daunting. It is one of the reasons we don’t make time to read – we feel that if we read, it must be several chapters or the whole book in one sitting – or then what’s the point. That’s not correct. Even if you read a few pages first thing in the morning and a few pages before you fall asleep, you will see the difference it brings in your life.


Okay, now stop making excuses and go read a book! 😉

What are your favorite books?



“So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install a lovely bookshelf on the wall.” – Ronald Dahl



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