8 Disadvantages of Working from Home6 min read

8 Disadvantages of Working from Home6 min read

Working from home is a highly desirable position.

Moms often hope to work from home after they have one or two babies. If your company allows you to work from home, then that is a wonderful perk. However, many mothers opt for a side hustle or find a job that gives them the option to work from home, so they can be close to their children.

Before I had my oldest daughter, my husband and I relocated to southern California for his further studies. Upon request, the company I work for allowed me to work from home. It was a great opportunity because it saved me the trouble of finding a new job in a new city. After Arya was born, I continued to work at home, and we did not need a day care for her.

We moved back home to Sacramento after my husband’s graduation and I requested to resume my position at the office. However, my request was denied.

Working from home has its benefits for both the employee and the company.

Remote employees save money for the company, increase productivity, and have reduced absences.

In my case, even though I am happy working from home with me girls close to me, it can also suck big time!

Disadvantages of Working from Home.


Disconnected from office culture

As a work at home employee, I don’t get to engage in social activities at work. It is not due to the lack of an invitation, but the timing of things that make it difficult for me to participate in social events. Birthdays, baby showers, appreciation weeks, holiday parties. I often miss these because I was either working from southern California, or I don’t have anyone at home to be with my kids to attend these functions. Additionally, driving to work for a 1-hour lunch and then driving back home to resume work feels more like a hassle than socialization.


Some people think that just because you have the luxury to work in your pajamas means you don’t have to work!

I wish that were true!

Sure, I wear PJs and work, however I often feel obligated to do more than my share of work only because I feel like I must prove to my employer that I am, infact, working.

Missing on promotions

Now this may sound unethical and it is purely my feelings. But despite my high production and seniority, I was overlooked for promotion twice in the last 4 years that I have been working from home. Like I said, other reasons could be associated with me not getting a promoted position. I feel that I qualified, deserved, and was able to do the task associated with the said promotion. But it was given to a junior instead (and team mates I had trained while in the office).

Family thinks you don’t work

Ha! This one is the most irritating reason for me.

Working from home often gives an illusion to loved ones that you are not actually working. Again, just because you are at home and in your PJs, makes others think that your work is chill, and responsibilities don’t exist.

This is so untrue!

I have deadlines like my office colleagues. I have meetings and projects just like those in the office. And I am also liable for end-of-the-month production as any employee of the company. So no, working from home does not mean I am not working.


Despite being a teleworker, my company does not give me flexible work hours. Like other employees, I “show up” to work on a designated time and have a schedule to follow. I do have some flexibility on when I start work (like a grace period on how late I can start work), but nevertheless, I still have a schedule which means I cannot start at noon because I want to.

Miss dressing-up

Some mornings I log into office without even brushing my teeth.

Yep! Gross but convenient.

I don’t have to worry about wardrobe choices, or make up, or have the need to look presentable to be able to work. All of these are great conveniences, but they have decreased my sense of style in the past 4 years.

I miss dressing up for work, wearing make-up, shoes, and just looking professional and formal!

No Alone Time

When I worked from the office, I took walks during lunch. I would walk around the office parking lot or take a good book and sit on the benches and read while enjoying the sun. After I began working from home, my breaks consist of house work, feeding the baby, making lunch/dinner for husband and family, and/or washing dishes.

I miss being left alone to do something just for myself!

During the drive back home, I would listen to music, relax myself by singing and busting some moves behind the wheel. And by the time I reached home, I felt happy, refreshed, and ready to handle dinner, and family.

It’s a good thing that I get to watch my girls grow and be able to take care of them myself.

However, this leaves me with no alone or self-care time. After work is done, it’s nap time, or time to cook, or clean and then it’s night time, bath, reading and sleep time. And the day is over!

Some days I can manage an escape, but it ends abruptly or is very brief.

And then my work from home day starts again the next day…

Office taking over my space

I have a computer desk and 2 monitors as well as other computer accessories that I use to work from home. Since we do not have a separate study, my work space is in our bedroom.

 Sharing my personal space with my office space feels intrusive and cluttered.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go!

I laid down my grievances about why I dislike working from home.

I am very grateful that I can work from home and be with my children, but in all the convenience and mummying, I forgot to make room for my own sanity!

We all attempt to find a balance between work and family but honestly, there is no balance. You can compartmentalize each aspect of your life and then focus on that alone, but that can be challenging.

In this situation, if I worked from the office, I could focus on work alone and then leave it behind when I headed home. But having work at home makes me feel like I am always at work!

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    1. Hi Elle, thank you for stopping by! I loved it in the beginning but after seeing the drawbacks, I am reconsidering WFH!

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