Remedy for Dry Skin and Hair: How I resolved dry skin & hair problem during pregnancy4 min read

Remedy for Dry Skin and Hair: How I resolved dry skin & hair problem during pregnancy4 min read

Dry skin and hair is a problem for many of us.

It is usually problematic during winter season, however, some of us suffer with this issue throughout the year.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I suffered from major dry skin and hair.

My face, body, and scalp would become dry and extremely itchy. There were days when I would scratch myself raw and then other days when I would contact Dr. Google to figure out what the heck was wrong with me.

I had a very sensitive nose during my pregnancy, and not only for the first 3 months, but for the entire time (except the last 2 months), and everything smelt disgusting. My hair, bath, and face products, as well as several types of food just made me sick to my stomach. I barely used anything which left my skin rough, dirty, and dry.

Then I decided to try some oils and homemade products.

Here are some things that worked wonders.

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Josie Maran Argan Oil

Okay, I absolutely love this oil! I bought it by fluke while browsing through the Sephora site, and when I tried it, I fell in love. I could tolerate the smell (and it barely has a smell), and it felt smooth on my skin. I used it mostly on my face, on the dry patches around my nose, chin, and cheeks, and the oil helped relieve my dryness and flaky skin. It also lightened the melasma (pregnancy mask or hyper-pigmentation) on my forehead and I was quite surprised by that. It also gave my skin a glow (and this was not the pregnancy glow as I didn’t get it until I used the oil 😊)

I have since then brought several bottles of it. On my lazy days, I take a few drops of this oil and pat it all over my face. It helps moisturize without making my skin greasy.

This is also a great oil for hair and body. I tried it on my hands and palm – which were cracked and dry during pregnancy – and it worked well to make my hands smooth again.


Coconut oil

I was never a big fan of coconut oil until I had my first baby. I used coconut oil for her body massages and hair and seeing how it hydrated her skin and kept her warm and relaxed made me love coconut oil.

I use coconut oil on my scalp and hair. It is a little greasy but it also depends on the kind of coconut oil you buy. I also use it on my body during cold seasons because it keeps me warm and helps my skin combat winter skin.

During my pregnancy, my hair and scalp suffered a lot. They were dry and itchy and since I could not use any shampoo or conditioners, it only got worse. Coconut oil hydrated my scalp and hair without making me want to throw up from the smell. I applied it before bed on several nights of the week and would tie my hair in a plait or wrap a towel around my hair to avoid staining my pillows.

Here are some other ways that I have tried coconut oil and it really made a difference for my skin and hair. Like I said, I could not use my usual beauty products including body washes, therefore, a combination of the following kept me sane, clean, and itch free 🙂

Additional uses of coconut oil:

  • Coffee and coconut Oil body scrub; to get rid of dry/dead skin

  • Lemon juice mixed with coconut oil for dry scalp

  • Coconut oil and rosemary oil for hair growth. (I have tried peppermint oil instead of rosemary and it makes my hair smell good too)

  • Coconut oil and tea tree oil for scalp acne


So these were my two essentials that helped me survive dry skin and hair during pregnancy.

My second daughter was just born a few weeks back and my smell issue is now resolved; 😊 however, I still use both these oils. Since it is getting warmer, I have limited the use of coconut oil because it makes me feel warm. But I still use the Josie Maran Argan oil on my face when I do not care for wearing a moisturizer.


I hope you try these remedies.

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  1. Thanks for the sharing this awesome article with us. I really appreciate it. This really helpful, as a victim of dry scalp I know how painful it is. I believe this remedy will be helpful and effective for me and as well fro all sufferer.

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