Ebates Cash Back – How to Earn Money While You Shop4 min read

Ebates Cash Back – How to Earn Money While You Shop4 min read
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Ebates is an online-based shopping portal that offers its customers coupons and cash-back for shopping at their favorite retail stores. The cash back amount varies between different stores however, they range from 1% to 40% and it also changes during holidays, promotions, and randomly for featured stores.

Ebates has been around for a while; it is considered one of the top 10 cash-back websites. It is easy to use and has free membership.

I recently became a big fan of Ebates when I realized that I had started doing more online shopping than usual. Being able to get discounts on products as well as cash back from my purchases sounded too good to be true. I do a lot of shopping at Sephora and each time I do, I use their own Sephora App. However, I began to use Ebates and I will say that I am never going back! The cash-back amount changes for Sephora and recently their percent was as high as 12%.

Now, who would not want a 12% cash back on their purchase? Similarly, we started using Ebates for other purchases like at Nike, JCPenney, Carters, and even LifeLock.

Ebates has this cool promotion called “Double Cash Back” and a nice selection of stores have double their usual cash-back percentage. I love that! As I mentioned early, they recently had a 12% cash-back on over 400 stores. I mean that is a huge amount especially for stores that normally have 1% cash back revenue.




So how does it work?

Ebates works the same way as affiliate programs work. Whenever you use the link to your favorite store via Ebates, they get an affiliate commission. Then, Ebates shares that commission with its customers which is the cash-back that we receive.

It is that simple!

You sign into Ebates like you normally would sign in to your store’s website and start shopping! As soon as you check out, you will get your cash-back from that purchase.

And to get paid…

You can get your money via a check every quarter or into your PayPal account. There are no fees or forms to fill out in order to get paid.

Why I Use Ebates?

We all use credit cards and often we have cards that give cash back or points on our purchases. However, there is often an annual fee associated with the card with perks. This may not be the case for all banks or credit card companies but many of them do implement the fees for the benefits they offer. Ebates has no fees for its membership nor for payment for the cash back earned.

Cash back percent rate is often higher through Ebates then through credit cards. That is one of the things I noticed personally, and was a deciding factor when I began using Ebates. Additionally, Ebates has various promotions, deals, and double cash back offers which boost our revenue at no additional charge.

I also love the coupons! As you shop, the available coupons pop right below the screen which can be copied and pasted at checkout. I have used it on several occasions for various stores and it is so convenient not having to search for codes or type in coupon codes.

Are you ready to start earning money?

To sign up for Ebates, simply click here and create your profile. You receive $5 for each friend you refer plus additional bonus cash if your friend makes a purchase.

Once you have created a profile, select your favorite stores. This is an option but I like to do this so the stores I like are always on the front page of my phone app and I can see the changes (increases/bonuses) in their cash-back percentages. To select your favorite stores, simply click on the little heart next to the store’s name.

Now you are ready to shop!

Select your store and click Shop Now. As soon as you do that, a window will pop up confirming that you have activated the cash-back process and you will then be routed to your store’s website.

Once you complete the purchase, simply exit out or go back to Ebates.

Give it a few minutes, refresh your page and then click Cash Back Balance under your profile. You will see the store’s name where you just shopped and the cash back amount you received from your total purchase.

It is really that simple!

I cannot believe I only started using this recently. But now that I do, I am adamant in checking Ebates for my store before I go to the store’s website.

And, it is not just online. You can use Ebates and go into the store to make your purchases as well. This works for all of those who prefer going into the store versus shopping online! Here is how that works.

So go ahead and try it! Download the app on your phone or log in online, and get paid to shop.


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