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Fall Bucket-list: 30 Things to Do with Kids in Fall

September 22, 2017

At last it is here!

Fall is my favorite season of all. I love the beautiful colors it brings and the cooler weather, and just the smell of the crisp air.

There are so many wonderful activities to enjoy during fall. Since our daughter is almost three, my husband and I decided to start doing some family fun activities and traditions this year. We have plans to attend the local fall festival, carve pumpkins (which we have not done with her yet), dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating (another newbie), and invest in some home decors for fall and the upcoming holidays.

And we are super excited for it all!

Check out these other things on our fall bucket-list and click here for a printable copy.



Fall Bucket-List: 30 Things to Do with Kids in Fall

Carve pumpkins

Go to a fall festival

Go on a hayride at the festival

Decorate the house together

Jump around in leaf piles

Go apple picking

Drink warm apple cider or make some at home

Roast marshmallows

Have a fun-scary movie night

Paint on leaves and gourds

Wear boots and scarves and take a walk

Pick out a Halloween costume

Go Trick or Treating

Have a picnic in the park

Cuddle with warm blankets and have story time

Visit a haunted house (during Halloween festivals)

Eat caramel popcorn

Frolic around and catch falling leaves

Make gift lists for grandparents and cousins

Go shopping for gifts together or,

Make home-made gifts /cards together

Sleep in the living room like an in-house camping trip

Bake pumpkin bread and cookies

Collect pine-cones.

Pick out a wreath for the door and decorate the porch

Make S’mores!

Try different kinds of hot chocolate recipes

Take family pictures outdoors

Visit the farmer’s market

Prepare for Thanksgiving together


What are your fall favorite activities to do with your family?

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