Hallmark Christmas Movies List- Week 13 min read

Hallmark Christmas Movies List- Week 13 min read

Along with the wonderful celebrations of Christmas and the holidays, the one thing I always look forward to are Hallmark Christmas movies. They start early November (I think!) and go on until Christmas and sometimes after the fact.

The movies are romantic, hopeful, family-oriented, sometimes cheesy yet faith-restoring and warm; JUST LIKE Christmas. Cuddled in warm blankets with a hot cup of peppermint cocoa sets the perfect ambience for binge-watching Christmas movies on Hallmark.

And secretly, I hope that someday I get that snowy, romantic, red-white-green Christmas getaway that I have always dreamt about [YES, you can tell my husband!] 😉

Anywho, I have begun recording some of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, and I hope to watch them on semi-quiet evenings after the girls go to bed.


Every week from now until Christmas, I will share the movies I have watched with a little snippet of what I thought about each of them.

If I miss any that is a MUST-WATCH, feel free to list them below for me!

So, who’s with me? [Raises hand!]

Hallmark christmas movies

My Christmas Love

“You don’t always need someone to do romantic things for you; sometimes it’s okay to want someone to do romantic things for”.

The movie is about a hopeless romantic who has a hard time finding love that sticks, but then just before Christmas, she starts getting the most romantic gifts from her “One True Love”. Who is this mysterious person sending these gifts?


The Mistletoe Inn

Aspiring romance writer attends a writer’s conference in snowy Vermont and ends up “bonding” with an author who is dealing with writer’s block.

The movie is sweet, funny, and I really like Alicia Witt in her humble and cute role!

hallmark christmas movies

Matchmaker Santa

A woman makes a Christmas wish for her prince charming when she was a little girl, and years later Santa grants her that wish. But he isn’t who she thought it was going to be?

I love the small-town charm (Gilmore Girls is my favorite show!!), and like most Christmas movies, the setting is Christmas obsessed town where two strangers find their perfect partners.

A Very Merry Mix-Up

A woman on her way to meet her fiancé’s parents for the first time, ends up in the wrong house with the wrong family, whom she loves. But when she realizes her mistake, her decision about her current Mr. Right and his family come into question.

hallmark christmas movies
Hallmark Channel

Christmas in Angel Falls

An angel is sent to restore the spirit of Christmas in the people of Angel Falls.

I cried several times during this movie. It was so sweet and touching and totally in the spirit of Christmas.

Hats off to Christmas

A hardworking Christmas hat shop employee has to train her boss’s Wall-street son the ropes of his fathers shop. She isn’t too thrilled about that but later realizes that he may be a Christmas miracle who may just help her in return.


So that’s my watch list for this week! I have already cleared space in the DVR for my next weeks watch list 🙂 and hopefully i will get cracking with those (as long as my girls allow me too:P)


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