Happy Birthday, Papa!3 min read

Happy Birthday, Papa!3 min read

It was the sky-blue sari with red polka dots that got him sold. He stared at her as she smiled in shyness. They zinged, and that began a beautiful journey for them that lasted 37 years.

My parents are the epitome of love. They went through a lot together and conquered every obstacle that came along the way. They did not need flowers and candy on valentines, Friday night dates, or yearly trips to convey their love and commitment to each other. Heck, sometimes they did not even words!

They talked with their eyes, and they read each other’s minds. They finished each other’s sentences, and paid attention to each other’s feelings and needs. That is the kind of love my parents shared for 37 years!

Growing up, I used to wish that my husband was like my father. What little girl does not, right? Because my father was the ideal man. He was kind, caring, and generous, and he worked very hard all his life for everyone else but himself!

When we first immigrated to the States many years back, he brought only a few hundred dollars and a whole bunch of hope with him. All he ever wanted was to come to this promising country so his wife and children could have a better education and life and it didn’t matter to him if he died the second, we got to States. That was what he used to say all the time!

And over the years, he continued to work hard to ensure that my mom, my brother and I got all the necessities. He never thought about himself. People wear expensive clothes and shoes, but he grew up with hand-me-downs from older brothers. And he kept his needs modest all his life. He kept his wife by his side and together they put my brother and I through good colleges, got us married, and helped raise their granddaughters.  

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All the hard work caught up to him one day, when he bid his final farewell to his beloved wife and children and left us all confused and lost March 2017. My mom used to wait for my dad to come home from work every single night from the day they were married until the very last day he came home to her. He was so loyal that he came home, spent moments with my mom before passing; he could not leave her hanging or waiting….! ☹ He talked about how fulfilled and satisfied he felt with his life that very morning, how proud he was of his children, and how happy he was seeing his granddaughters.

That was the kind of love they shared. The love that everyone we know talks about, giving examples of how he shared his life with his wife, and the love that continues to bloom in the hearts of his wife, and children every single day.

I love papa! I miss you so much everyday buddy! And today on your birthday, I just wish and pray that you are happy in the heavenly abode, and watching us as our beautiful, amazing, guardian angel!




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