Highlights from 2019 and Goals for New Year 20203 min read

Highlights from 2019 and Goals for New Year 20203 min read

Can you believe that in less than a week we will be entering into the new year 2020? I simply can not wrap my mind around it. This year literally had wings on it because it flew by so fast that on several occasions, I found myself speechless…but, umm, wait, huh, how? 😛

Despite that, it was a busy year for me. Work, home, girls, and just everything else kept me running around all year long. It was sometimes bumpy and then it was smooth sailing, but all in all, I am grateful and happy and looking forward to the new year.

Today I would like to share some highlights of this year as well as some goals for the new year 2020. I did not make any resolutions for the new year; however, I do have some personal goals that I would like to accomplish.

2019 highlights

1. Arya’s preschool graduation – 1st round, the 2nd one will be May 2020 and then she is off to KG.

2. Baby turned 1 – my little one had her first birthday. She is growing up super-fast and is a mirror image of her big sister.

3. Wrote several blog posts on topics I enjoy.

4. Crossed 2 things off my 40 before 40 list – hosting the Christmas dinner party and finishing a bottle of wine on my own 😉 [hey, I have not had a drink in over 6 years, so no judgments please!]

5. Super actively involved at Arya’s preschool – I am on the board as well as the participation chair and I love it! I met some wonderful parents and worked closely with them and the teacher at my little girl’s school. Plus being at school gave me some more alone time with Arya, minus the baby.

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6. Several emotional days thinking and missing my father. He was my hero, my therapist, my best friend and I often feel lost and angry without him.

7. Did more than usual Christmas and Fall home décor and the girls enjoyed it thoroughly.

8. Had a successful social media detox for several months in the beginning of fall season. It was the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I spent more time taking the girls out to functions, festivals, and having indoor fort and movie nights without worrying about checking Instagram or Facebook at all.


Goals for new year 2020

1. Travel – I have some ideas of where-to and when I would like to go next year, and it would be a family trip.

2. Write more – these past few months, I have had a major writer’s block. Or maybe I was just too occupied with family and kids to write. Either way, writing helps me relax, id like to do more of it in the upcoming year.

3. Take some classes to update my skills – I have a few computer science and project management classes signed up for Spring semester.

4. Do yoga a few times a week – specifically Ramdev’s yoga.

5. Get out of the house more – to parks, local events, spring festivals, etc.

6. Drink more tea, less coffee.

7. Finish the album and scrap book for both my girls.

8. Go on a few dates with my hubby – this is LONG OVERDUE!

9. Start a gratitude jar – write and add things that I have been grateful for throughout the year – I REALLY want to do it because I often forget or lose perspective and I could use the reminder.

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10. Update our bedroom closet – I am desperate for more space and organization. And I already told Anish that if he won’t then I’ll get the NEAT Method folks in here to help me with our bedroom close. AND he will pay! 😉

11. Take more pictures – I have been LOVING taking pictures of my girls and just about everything else with my Nikon camera. It has been sitting, collecting dust for the last few years. But, now i am determined to use it, and learn to be better with it.


So there you have it guys! I hope everyone has a great end to this year and wishing you all a safe and happy new year 2020.


What are some of your new year 2020 goals?



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