March Monthly Goals 20192 min read

March Monthly Goals 20192 min read

Happy almost Spring guys! I am so excited for Spring season and Day light savings. NO Seriously! After a dreary winter, I am looking forward to some warm weather, bright sunshine and blue skies.

With a new month, let’s discuss some new goals for the month of March.

BUT first, let’s see how my February goals went. It was a rough month for us – kids were sick on-and-off for the past 4 weeks, and I still hear the occasional cough and see Arya reach for the tissues, but thankfully the worst is behind us.


In February, my goals were:

Blog more – a few posts in between a full house of sick munchkins is a HIT in my books!

Get a facial – YES!!! This was amazing! I have my next appointment all set for next month and I CANNOT wait!

Clean out our bedroom closet (Marie Kondo style!!!) – YES!!! Did this, and I do not regret it one bit. I am still behind on the folding style but I definitely got rid of everything in our bedroom closet that did not “spark joy”.

Start walking to the park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my girls – we only made it the first week, but after that, the cold/flu episodes got in the way.

Upgrade the software on my new laptop – hubby took care of this for me, and I am loving the new, fast laptop.

Try the Jamaican coffee my brother brought me on his last trip – done – it’s super delicious and smells simply divine!

A Valentine’s Day date with hubby – since we were all sick, this did not happen. But I did get several husband-cooked meals so that was great!

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Weekly Reading blogs – done! Check it out here.


March Monthly Goals


march monthly goals


Photography course – so I am learning how to take better pictures hence I am keen on taking a photography course on Udemy.

Try new kinds of smoothies – I am loving my new Nutri-bullet hence been making smoothies for the girls and myself. I am looking forward to trying new recipes [if you have any for me to try, please drop them in the comments below].

Read 2 books

Finish my latest blog post – it is going to be a long one with tonnes of resources smile

Walk in the park MWF with the girls

Family outing – go on a family picnic or some sort of outing – all 4 of us. 

More Twitter engagement 

Write more – I have been pondering ideas on rebranding so until that fully executes, continue to write more to get better.



What are you monthly goals? Do share 😊




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