How to Sneak in “Me-Time” with your Busy Schedule4 min read

How to Sneak in “Me-Time” with your Busy Schedule4 min read

To stay sane, we all need quality time for ourselves. This “me-time” does not have to be spent alone, however, it means shutting out everything else and doing what you want to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

That first year when my daughter was born was the hardest year of my life!

If I could go back and change anything, I wouldn’t, of course! But it was a rough ride.

As first-time parents, we all have our huddles and tough moments, and mine was doing everything alone. With my husband crazed with his classes and rotations, and grandparents who were far, I was the only one with her 99% of the time.

And it was hard!

The sleepless nights, the work all day, and then taking care of my little one often got to me. And I sometimes wonder if that bite from a radio-active spider got me through it all! 😊

Now she is almost 3 and I am still constantly busy with work and family life.

However, making time for ourselves is important for our mental, physical, and emotional health. Self- care gives a sense of importance and refreshes us.

So, moms here are some tips for self – care and me-time.


How to Sneak in “Me-Time” with your Busy Schedule

How to Sneak in "Me-Time" with your busy schedule

Pamper yourself.

Make time for some mani-pedi and splurge a little extra on the pedicure to get your feet massaged. Get a facial or body scrub.

Here are my favorite homemade facial and body scrubs. I make the facial scrub and keep it in a dry container. When I am ready to use it, I add a little bit of milk to make a paste and apply it all over my face with my fingers or a concealer brush.

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For the body scrub, I make it fresh every time I am ready to use it but you can make it ahead of time and keep it in the shower caddy also.

Find some great scrubs at The Body Shop! Visit to get coupons and cash back on your purchases. Click to find out how!

Get out of the house without an errand

We are often busy with grocery shopping, children’s extra-curricular activities, and going out to run other errands.

However, when possible, go out to a store or just to walk around in the mall without a list of errands. I love going to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby! Even if I do not make any purchases, I still go to walk around and browse at ideas.

If you are worried about making unnecessary purchases, leave your cards at home and only carry some cash and DL!

Read or Watch TV

Make some time to watch a chick-flick or some comedy tv show or movies. Here is a list of Netflix shows you can try.

Or, read your favorite magazine or a book you have been putting off.

Call your friends and chat

We are often so busy with our lives that we can only text-talk or message each other on social media.

Skip that! Go old school and call a friend. Even if the call is short, talk instead of texting.

Sign up for Yoga/Gym class

If you are too busy to get away for small frequent me-times, sign up for a gym class.

Most classes are an hour long and they are scheduled. Get someone to cover for you at home and just go for that 1 hour!

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You will be doing your body a favor but simply stepping out of your normal routine- filled life will relax your mind.

Extra Long Showers

I am throwing this one because if you have little ones, chances are your showers are usually 5 minutes long.

Once a while, take an extra-long shower. Use the scrubs I mentioned above or just take your time showering.

When my husband came home from his rotations, I would try to sneak a few extra-long showers during those times. He would watch Arya and I would read in the tub, soak up, do my pampering even, and just relax!

Skip cooking and eat out

It is okay to not cook one day and just use that time for yourself. Go out to dinner with your family or order-in.

On the flip side, try making a recipe that you have always wanted to try but never had the time (For example, a cheesecake – this one is for me ;))

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Sit quietly

When children are asleep or out on play-dates, have some quiet, alone time instead of checking things off your to-do list.

Take a cup of tea/coffee and just sit outside in the fresh air; without your cell phone, laptop, or iPad. Just be in the moment and enjoy it before the noisy munchkins come running your way!



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