9 Important Reasons to Have Monthly Goals (including my August Goals List)7 min read

9 Important Reasons to Have Monthly Goals (including my August Goals List)7 min read

Goals are any plans we do for the future, no matter what it is. They not only give us something to look forward to but also encourages self-development as well as self-efficacy.

I am all about self-development.

Setting small goals helps us complete the bigger ones. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, their goal may be to exercise 30 minutes a day for 30 days. 30 in 30 sounds simple and if they keep this routine, they will eventually form a habit. And, the habit helps them achieve their weight-loss goal.

It is easy to get in the daily grind of things, and not make time for ourselves.

After I started this blog last year, I told myself that I will commit to writing daily. However, once we found out we were pregnant, I stopped writing for 10 months. My focus shifted onto my pregnancy and all the ups and downs that came with it.


Check out my pregnancy story.


Come to think of it, had I committed to writing even a few times a week, I would have had a perfect distraction, and a less stressful pregnancy. But, my priorities had changed, and I could not focus on anything but it.

After my little girl was born, I started back on the writing game. I downloaded this app called Goal Setting on my phone and began tracking the days I worked on my blog.

Whether it was writing, or promoting, or just changing the blogs cosmetics, I tried to do it every single day. (I usually work at night when both my girls are asleep).

Here is a snap shot of the tracker.


The blue check marks are the successful days and the red X’s are the days I could not work.

So, why create goals?

If you are a list-maker, or someone who sets goals for themselves, or who takes 30-day challenges (this is my favorite!!), you’d know the why!

But, for those of us who would like to start up on this goal-setting gig, here are some important reasons to have goals set for yourself.

You can try a daily or weekly goal list however, I set mine monthly, and here are my ten important reasons to have monthly goals.


9 Important Reasons to Have Monthly Goals


Monthly Goals



  1. Goals make you focus.

Have you noticed that when you create a list, and walk into the supermarket, you are less likely to make unnecessary purchases?


Because buying items on the list is your goal.

When you have a goal, you do your best to remain focused. Having goals keeps us from getting distracted because you need to either report it to someone, or the goal itself is important enough that completion is necessary.

  1. Goals give you something to look forward to.

Indeed, it does!

I often complain to my husband about having a very routine-filled life. Now goals may keep you focused, but you certainly won’t have 1 goal for every day of the month. You will have different things to accomplish.

Therefore, having goals gives you something to look forward to. This encourages higher expectations, and once completed, gives you a sense of pride/accomplishment.

  1. Goals keep you accountable.

If you pencil it down, you will make your best effort to complete it.

Something about seeing tasks in print make you more accountable towards it. Now, I am sure that you do not create mental goals (okay maybe the day to day ones, yes!), but for the most part, if you are creating goals, you will write them somewhere.

I am a very visual person. If I need to accomplish something, I need it written down somewhere where I can see it as a daily reminder.

  1. Goals increase productivity.

Setting goals can help decrease multitasking.

For example, if your goal is to head to the gym 3 times a week, M-W-F, you can delegate other things for the remainder 4 days of the week. If you try to fit in everything all at once, you are multi-tasking, and chances are you are not giving it your best shot!

Having goals encourages you to focus on that one item, and enhanced focus enhances your productivity for that task.

  1. Better chance of completion.

If you focus, your productivity increases, and when you start seeing results, you aim for its successful completion. That is the general theory we apply to any task.

Which is why I am advocating for monthly goals for you and myself. If I create goals for myself for a given month, I know I have ample time to complete them.

  1. Boosts morale and increases motivation.

This is my favorite one!

How do you feel when you complete something you attempted?

Wonderful right?

Proud and motivated as well!

Having goals not only gives us something to look forward, but completion of those goals increases self-confidence and motivation.

  1. Able to measure progress.

When I write my goals and work on them, I also track them. You can use the Goal Setting app I mentioned above or a journal. I think it is also exciting to share them on social media and use it to stay accountable, motivated, and track progress.

  1. Goals help reduce procrastination.

Another one of my favorites!

I have started creating and working on monthly goals. And believe me, these are things I have been meaning to start since ages ago.

Keeping goals not only help you track and measure progress, they help reduce procrastination. If your goal is to read say 5 books a month, and at the end you only read 3, that is still better than zero books.

  1. Better control of your life.

Each of the point above follows the one before. Goals help you project, stay accountable, increase your productivity, motivate you and reduces procrastination.

All these put together can help you create a better life.

Goals help to create discipline in your life, and discipline brings accomplishments.

Be it big or small, if you can set it, you can do it.

“Begin with an end in mind”.


Having said that, I created a list of monthly goals for myself. With a new baby and a preschooler, my life has become very chaotic. The purpose of monthly goal-setting is to make some time for myself and do thing I have been putting off.



My August Monthly Goal

  1. Read 2 books this month.

    1. Here are some books to add to your reading list:

      1. 5 Books Every Blogger Needs to Read and more.

      2. 30 Books Every Woman Needs to Read

      3. 15 Books to Give Your Friends…

      4. The Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2018

  2. Start my post-partum work-out – 30 minutes of walking and 20 squats a day.

    1. I have started doing this – my baby loves it when I squat with her. When she used to cry non-stop, my husband would take her in his arms and do slight squats (up and down motion) and she would stop crying. We joked that our baby is giving us a work-out we both need.

  3. Begin sleep training my baby – transition her into the crib.

    1. I was co-sleeping with her till now but I start work mid-September, therefore, I need to move her into her crib/room.

    2. I am a softy mom so this will be a big deal for me. My oldest slept in her crib but it was close to our bed for over 2 years. Then we moved her into her own room but she would still come sleep with us some days.

    3. Now that we have a room set for both the girls, I hope to move the baby into the crib in the room with her sister. (Not sure how this would work!!)

    4. I let my babies take the reins on things – like potty training, or sleeping into the big girls bed. I try not to force anything because I believe children do things when they are ready. My baby is 8 weeks old now, and is sleeping longer hours. After I discuss it with her pediatrician next week, I will slowly transition her into the crib and room next door.

    5. Check out this sleep training story from Jen at Pieces of Emerald.

  4. Organize my bedroom closet.

    1. Mid July I had major body image issues. I did some shopping at Macy’s but every piece of clothing felt weird on me. I do not believe it was the outfits itself but me feeling uncomfortable about my body postpartum.

    2. It went on for several weeks but I have started feeling better now. My goal this month is to clear out our bedroom closet for anything that does not fit or I do not wear. This will make room for my new wardrobe, and it will be more organized.


What are your goals for this month?

Did you have any goals for summer; maybe travel or family time? Share things you checked off your list this summer? 🙂

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