Why a Morning Routine Is Not for Me?4 min read

Why a Morning Routine Is Not for Me?4 min read

Morning routine is a hot topic these days.

Everyone on Pinterest is discussing how to set up a morning routine, why have a morning routine, or what makes a good morning routine. It’s all very practical and sensible.

But, how many of us can create their ideal morning routine? And stick to it!

With 2 children, a full-time job – which I do from home – in-laws, and a husband trying to catch up on sleep (he is a night owl!), my mornings feel like a chaotic circus. It’s crazy town!

Don’t get me wrong!

I am a morning person.

My work begins as early as 5am which means I am up around 4:45am, for the most part. And, with a toddler and a preschooler sleep is a rarity in my life, which means waking up early is not an issue for me.

However, I always wish that I could have one of those ideal mornings that include a still-warm cup of coffee, yoga or some form of meditation, and some peace and alone time.



What my morning looks like now?

  • Wake up to feed the baby – only if I had slept the night before.

  • By the time I am done breastfeeding, burping, and changing the baby, my oldest wakes up.

  • Breakfast for kiddo.

  • Sneak in time to brush – only on some days. Most days I start working between 5-6am to allow for maximum productivity before anyone else wakes up, and can not make it to the bathroom before 8-9am.

  • Now with the baby, I barely get time to brush or shower in the morning. After setting breakfast, and just before I head to the shower, the baby wakes up again, and I run to tend to her needs.

  • The day has already begun which means cooking lunch for the family (my husband is a CLS who works the swing shift so leaves at 1pm).

  • Post breakfast and cooking there are dishes.

  • Then the baby wakes up again or needs to be fed/changed.

  • Before I realize it, it is already 1pm.


So, you tell me, where do I insert my perfect morning routine in all the chaos above?

I already wake up super early, but I guess I could try waking up even earlier.

This routine is only for now. Once my maternity leave ends, most of it may remain the same except then I will be working and juggling everything else.


What is my ideal morning routine?

  • Waking up before anyone else.

  • Making a nice cup of coffee and drinking it without having to re-heat it 2-3 times.

  • Reading a page or two, or even getting some writing in.

  • Taking a hot shower without interruptions or without a husband holding a crying baby in need of mama.

  • Dressing up decently, minus all the spit ups and milk stains from the night before.

  • Light make up, hair done – minus the messy buns and swollen eyes from no sleep.

  • Stepping outside into the back or front yard for some sun.

  • Kiddos wake up and the day begins!


An optimal routine depends on how our day is going to be. My day is very busy, and with a new baby even busier. So an ideal morning for me includes peace and alone time. I spend all day and night doing things for someone else – kiddos, husband, in-laws, and office work. This makes me crave for me-moments without any distractions.

Here are some 2 big things that will help change my morning routine.

  • My oldest started preschool last week. This will free-up 4 morning hours for me.

  • My baby is slowly coming out of the colic phase which means less crying session, more sleep and play times.


How am I planning to create my ideal morning routine?

  • Taking a shower, the minute I step out of bed.

  • Dress and make up – now I will have to do this because I cannot drop my daughter to school in spit-covered jammies.

  • Stepping outside – again possible before I will be dropping kiddo to school.

  • Coffee – I have been on an anti-colic diet for the last 6 weeks. This means no caffeinated beverages of any kind. But my little is slowly adjusting so I can probably start on a nice, not to heavy cup of coffee.


Share your morning routine and how you make it happen?

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