About Me


Hi everyone, I am Ashna.

Welcome to my blog!

I am working mom of 2 girls, living in sunny California with my husband, and my in laws.
I work from home,  so thankfully I get to be with girls all the time. I consider myself to be a dedicated, overprotective, and a slightly traditional mom. My husband is my biggest support; we are both perfectionist and practical Virgos :), and when we are not working, we spend time with each other and our girls.

Here is a picture of us on our wedding day!

I started blogging many years back. It was when I could not afford to own a website, and when I kept most of it private.

Writing has always been my passion and blogging my solace!  However, last year after reading Elna Cain’s How to Start a Mom Blog on TwinsMommy.com, I finally gathered some courage to dive in and start my own self-hosted blog!


Enter, Hacking Through Life

Here you will find pieces on hacking mom life, productivity tips, wellness guides, and recipes I swear by! My goal is to educate and inspire you while sharing some positive vibes along the way!

So stick around guys, and feel free to drop me a message anytime! 

Warm regards,