Christmas Movies List for a Cozy Night-In

Christmas Movies List for a Cozy Night-In

Happy almost Christmas guys!

Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? I am tantalizingly close to being done, but I still have to wrap and mail my Christmas cards out.

I had a busy week! With work and my girls keeping me busy (the little one is teething), I have been using every spare minute I get to catch up with house work and tidying/organizing. I am a NEAT FREAK! I like to organize and tidy-up, but we all know how that goes when you have little ones trailing behind you messing things up as you clean!

Despite that, I made some time to catch up on a few Christmas movies on my favorite Hallmark channel. So here they are; Christmas movies must-watch list for last week! ENJOY!


The Christmas Cottage

Oh I liked this one!

Interior designer and now a very practical Lacey attends her best friend Ava’s wedding. She used to date Ava’s brother Ean. Now Ean and Ava’s family have a cottage and it is a long family traditional belief that whoever spends the night at the cottage will have “everlasting love”. Lacey does not believe in this myth however, when she and Ean get trapped at the cottage due to a snow-storm, she realizes that there may be something to this story after all.

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Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane

My favorite, Alicia Witt, stares in this warm and family-oriented movie, where she and her siblings make the most of Christmas traditions in their family home. It may be their last Christmas together at their parent’s house so they are even more determined to make sure it is the best one yet!

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Return to Christmas Creek

After her boss made her realize that she may NOT understand the true meaning of Christmas, Amelia decides to go back to her childhood home and town to spend Christmas. She reconnects with her best friend, and regains her spirit of Christmas, which she thought was gone due to family conflicts.

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Finding Christmas 

It was indeed the miracle of Christmas that brought magic, romance, and good luck in the lives of 2 strangers, who, unhappy with their current life situations, decide to house-swap for the holidays.

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

So there you have it guys. This is my recommended-watch-list of Christmas movies for this week!

If you have any that I should watch, do list them in the comments below!


Happy holidays!!!


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