October Monthly Goals3 min read

October Monthly Goals3 min read

Is it just me or this year is flying by way too fast?

It was just June when I had my second baby girl, and now it’s October and she is 4 months old! She has started teething and making attempts to roll, and I feel like I just held her in my arms post-delivery.


Where did the time go?

4 months of maternity leave also flew by in what felt like a blink of an eye! Even though I work from home, it is still office work that I am obligated to finish and submit on time!

Nevertheless, I am glad I did not have to leave my new little one and go into the office.


October through December is always eventful!

Along with all the holidays, we will be celebrating several Hindu festivals (Navratri, Dusherra, Diwali), and it will entail a lot of work, prayer ceremonies, cooking delicious food/sweets, cleaning, and entertaining guests! Yayy!!

So, let’s go prepare some October goals!

Oh, but first, let’s revisit my September goals and see how they went.

  1. Read 2 more books – This was a lost case. I was not able to get any book reading done this month (except for the blogs I follow and articles on Medium).
  2. Write more – Success! My goal was to write 10 articles in September, and despite resuming work, I made the time to write and publish 10 pieces on my blog!
  3. Sugar detox – Another success. If you haven’t read about it, check out how I survived my 7-day sugar detox challenge.


October Monthly Goals

In addition to all the festivities scheduled for October, I am participating in #blogtober for the first time. Thanks to the lovely Ell for introducing blogtober to me!

Blogtober is a blogging challenge where bloggers post each day for the month of October.

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Yes, every day!

Blogtober is a great way to sharpen those writing skills, get noticed through your content, and make connections with other bloggers.

There are no rules for this challenge except to post a blog article every day.

I have already made my editorial calendar with a variety of pieces that I have been meaning to write! 😊 Wish me luck!


Here are other things I have planned for October.

  1. Fall/Halloween decorations – I have the decors bought and ready but am yet to finish the decorations.
  2. Foot reflexology – I have been meaning to get this done for ages and never had the time! I finally took the effort and made an appointment.
  3. Picnic with friends – the last time I had a lunch with my 4 closest friends was in January. Yes, that is ridiculously sad. But we finally got our schedules to work and made plans for a fall picnic in the second week of October.
  4. Pinterest project – create more pins for old and new posts
  5. Go on at least 1 date with hubby (minus the kids) – we have not been on a date in over 3 ½ years ☹ (that’s how old our oldest daughter is).
  6. Blogtober – 31 days of blogging.


So there you have it! 🙂 


What are some of your October monthly goals?

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  1. Good luck with all of your goals! A much needed date night is also on the agenda for me and my husband. And reading books is one of those things that I always want to do more of but almost never find time for at the moment!

    1. Thank you Polly! We are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary next month. So a pre anniversary date would be wonderful !

  2. Great goals! I would love to have reflexology done one day! My husband and I just had our first date night a few weekends ago after years of not doing so – now I am insist making it a once a month thing!! 😀

    1. Hi Valerie,

      I am really looking forward to my appointment! After my second baby, my feet have been killing me.

      And the date thing!

      It hasn’t happened yet! But we have a weekend coming up so I’m optimistic. 😋

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