February Monthly Goals 20192 min read

February Monthly Goals 20192 min read

February of 2019! What? How did that happen? It was just Christmas; the tree, presents, delicious gingerbread cookies and latte, and now it’s February. New Years and January feels like a blur to me. My oldest turned 4 in January so starting New Years day, I was busy prepping and planning for her Winter Wonderland birthday party.

After that I moved on to get everything ready for her to start a new preschool and that meant doctor’s appointments, getting forms filled, and shopping for her. She started last week and even though I do not anticipate being any less busy in the future, I finally have time to breath and share some of my February monthly goals.

February Monthly Goals


monthly goals


Blog more – I took a little break from writing so I could chillax a little post the holidays, and to get Arya ready for preschool. Additionally I have also been feeling the writers block, and even though I have so many things to share and write, I am not able to put pen to paper. BUT, writing is my solace so the quicker I get back in the game, the better for my head!

So back to the goal, I would like to blog more! At least once a week, so maybe 4-6 posts this month.

Get a facial – I already have an appointment to get my face scrubbed, massaged, and pampered and it truly is ABOUT TIME! (Trust me!)

Clean out our bedroom closet (Marie Kondo style!!!) – Yep! I already cleaned out chest drawer and I basically followed Marie Kondo’s method of declutter. It’s SOOOO worth it!!! If you haven’t already, check out her book and Netflix video.

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Start walking to the park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my girls.

Upgrade the software on my new laptop – my husband bought me the Acer on sale during the holidays but it still needs to have all the software added/upgraded.

Try the Jamaican coffee my brother brought me on his last trip (it’s supposed to be the best coffee EVER!!)

A Valentines Day date with hubby (I am not holding my breath on this one :P)

Weekly Reading blogs – I read many great articles on Medium, Pocket and on several of the blogs I follow. Therefore, inspired by Neely from It Starts With Coffee, I am hoping to share a weekly reading blog post with some great things I have read over the week. I hope you find it inspirational and enjoyable.


So guys, what are some of your February monthly goals?


Wishing you all a happy Valentines day and I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

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