February Monthly Goals 20192 min read

February Monthly Goals 20192 min read

February of 2019! What? How did that happen? It was just Christmas; the tree, presents, delicious gingerbread cookies and latte, and now it’s February. New Years and January feels like a blur to me. My oldest turned 4 in January so starting New Years day, I was busy prepping and planning for her Winter Wonderland birthday party.

After that I moved on to get everything ready for her to start a new preschool and that meant doctor’s appointments, getting forms filled, and shopping for her. She started last week and even though I do not anticipate being any less busy in the future, I finally have time to breath and share some of my February monthly goals.

February Monthly Goals


monthly goals


Blog more – I took a little break from writing so I could chillax a little post the holidays, and to get Arya ready for preschool. Additionally I have also been feeling the writers block, and even though I have so many things to share and write, I am not able to put pen to paper. BUT, writing is my solace so the quicker I get back in the game, the better for my head!

So back to the goal, I would like to blog more! At least once a week, so maybe 4-6 posts this month.

Get a facial – I already have an appointment to get my face scrubbed, massaged, and pampered and it truly is ABOUT TIME! (Trust me!)

Clean out our bedroom closet (Marie Kondo style!!!) – Yep! I already cleaned out chest drawer and I basically followed Marie Kondo’s method of declutter. It’s SOOOO worth it!!! If you haven’t already, check out her book and Netflix video.

Start walking to the park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my girls.

Upgrade the software on my new laptop – my husband bought me the Acer on sale during the holidays but it still needs to have all the software added/upgraded.

Try the Jamaican coffee my brother brought me on his last trip (it’s supposed to be the best coffee EVER!!)

A Valentines Day date with hubby (I am not holding my breath on this one :P)

Weekly Reading blogs – I read many great articles on Medium, Pocket and on several of the blogs I follow. Therefore, inspired by Neely from It Starts With Coffee, I am hoping to share a weekly reading blog post with some great things I have read over the week. I hope you find it inspirational and enjoyable.


So guys, what are some of your February monthly goals?


Wishing you all a happy Valentines day and I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

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