5 Postpartum Skin Changes to Look Out For4 min read

5 Postpartum Skin Changes to Look Out For4 min read


I don’t know about you guys but after baby #2, my skin changed for the worse. Oh NO, it is not bub’s fault but the ridiculous combination of hormones, stress, lack of sleep, and good ol’ aging.

I am a make-up neophyte! No, really! I pretend like I know make-up and its application but I only know the minimum basics. I don’t know the purpose of half the things that go on as make up like highlighters or bronzers, etc. (SKINCARE is my thing; not makeup!)

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE watching others wear make-up. I totally do! I watch YouTube videos and Instagram posts of some MUAs I follow and believe me, I do it in awe!

Anyhow, lately I used concealers to cover up a few blemishes and after much lecture from a friend, threw in some color on my eye brows and cheeks. It was then when I realized that I had several postpartum skin changes after my second baby girl.

After my first baby, I didn’t see much difference except in the hair department. TRUST ME, I was practically BALD!! But after my last pregnancy with my second, I noticed some major changes in my skin.

Postpartum Skin Changes to Look Out For


Melasma is a common skin problem, mostly in women then men, and often times due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. My skin took a major hit – I had dark skin around my neck, arms, under arms, and forehead. I have a tan-medium-dark complexion, so I was able to mask it but, I mean this “mask of pregnancy” really did cover me in darker brown patches all over.

I am about 6 months postpartum and my skin is returning to normal. What has helped is the Josie Maran oil, as well as home-made masks. Oh, and Ole Henricksen’s C-rush Brightening Cream. I think anything citrusy or with Vitamin-E is a win!

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I never get acne – at least not in the last hundred years or so! 😊 But after birth, I started getting a lot of small, rash-like pimples on my forehead. I also got acne on my arms, belly, and breasts. It was gross but supposedly normal – well the doctor said it was normal due to the hormones.

Again my home-made face masks helped and I also used less-fragrance-d body washes. Drinking gallons of water also helped clear my skin all over. Thankfully they are better now but it was a surprise when they started showing up postpartum.


Ok so remember I mentioned about those luscious hair losses postpartum in my previous blogs. YEAH!! That was not enough – I noticed that my dark, thick, and beautiful eyebrows also started thinning postpartum. I get my brows threaded and I absolutely LOVE how they always turn out. I never really fill them and honestly, I never found the need because I have thick, dark eye brows. But post pregnancy, my threader also noticed gaps and unusual growth on my brow-line. It was crazy!! I hated it. NOW, they are still thinner than they used to be but thankfully they aren’t bald!

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Unwanted Hair

Nah, NOT on the head, but in other unwanted places like breasts and belly. It wasn’t exactly bear-like, but I did notice “extra” hair here and there. I kept tweezing them but it’s like they were attending each other’s funeral; they kept appearing.

Dry heels

Okay this one is a doozy! Dry skin is somewhat NORMAL but crazy dry heels left me annoyed and surprised. I applied all kinds of cream and oil but it kept going back to the way it was – dry and cracked. My doctor said it due to the hormones (*major eye roll), and I think it was because it is sorta normalizing now. But those first few months after having bubs, it was horrible, and itchy and painful (especially when I kept shaving my heels off)!

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So there you have it guys! My crazy yet “normal” postpartum skin changes.

Did you have any such changes? Or worse maybe? SHARE away!!

Oh, and I have used some affiliate links in this post, and you know the drill!

Thanks for reading and your comments and shares are greatly appreciated!!


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