Pregnancy Story and How It all Began…1 min read

Pregnancy Story and How It all Began…1 min read


I am finally back on my blog.

The last time I posted or had a chance to write was back in October of last year (2017). Between then and now, I was busy cooking a bun – ha! 😊

I was pregnant with our second baby and was busy handling the various issues, drama, feelings, and symptoms that pregnancy brings.

We live in a technologically advanced world.

By that I mean that everything about anything is available online. We use many platforms such as Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others to look up things that we are curious about or just need a quick answer to.

Having said that, during my second pregnancy, Dr. Google was a dear friend of mine.

I would spend several minutes and hours often looking up things – symptoms, baby related items, to do lists, post-partum lists, risks and tests I had done, how to handle 2 kids, etc. etc. But most of all, I would look up everything the doctor said about the pregnancy.

We had a rough ride the second time around.

This led me to be stressed, paranoid, and worried for almost the entire pregnancy. I would browse for answers hoping to find positive ones for my own stressors. And it would only add to my stress.

Our little girl was born a few weeks back! She is healthy, God willing, and we feel very blessed.


At 3 weeks post-partum (6/28/18), and I have decided to write my pregnancy story.

I hope to share all my experiences from my second pregnancy, and document all the medical tests – before and during – the pregnancy. I hope that someone would find it helpful and if possible, peace of mind from my story.

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