Preschool Checklist – What to Buy, Pack, & Remember for the First Day of Preschool3 min read

Preschool Checklist – What to Buy, Pack, & Remember for the First Day of Preschool3 min read


When my brother and I were little, back-to-school shopping was a big deal for us. It was when we bought books, brown paper to cover them, stationary supplies, backpacks and uniforms. It was like a tradition; a whole day’s affair, followed by lunch with mom, and we had a great time getting brand new things for a new school year.

Our oldest, Arya, started preschool this year! She has been ready for school since she was 2 years old. However, after much debate and being on countless wait listed programs, we finally chose a preschool for her.

So far, she is loving it!

Before her first day came around, I had the same enthusiasm getting her school things ready as I did for myself as a kid. Here is a little preschool checklist that helped me get organized and prepare for her first day of preschool!


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Preschool Checklist – First Day of Preschool

preschool checklist
Watching the rainbow – first day of preschool


Things to Buy:

  1. Backpack- I got her this cute Skip-Hop Unicorn backpack. 

  2. Spill-proof water bottle – this Camelbak bottle was the perfect size for the side-pockets.

  3. Lunch box – I got these snack-divider containers from Walmart and they are just the right side for her sandwiches or snacks.        

  4. Hand sanitizers / wipes

  5. Sunscreen- love Babyganics sunscreen!  


Things to Pack:

  1. A folder – we packed this for important papers to bring home, however, her teacher made them a tote bag with their name on it for the same purpose now.

  2. Lunch/snacks – finger foods/ easy to grab snacks/ sandwiches, and depending on the length of the preschool school session, you may want to adjust the amount accordingly.

  3. Change of clothes – including underwear incase of accidents or spills.

  4. Outwear clothes – jackets for winter time, hat for sunny days, and don’t forget rain boots because kids love the puddle! (I learned this the hard way on day 1 of Arya’s preschool).


Things to Remember for the First Day:

  1. Get up early and enjoy breakfast together.

  2. Choose outfits the night before if possible.

  3. Plan your day accordingly so drop off is not a rushed process (I took a day off work so I could drop Arya off and also prepared myself incase she was hesitant for me to leave – but she wasn’t and waved me goodbye 5 minutes after entering her classroom ☹)

  4. Don’t sneak out – Arya has been ready for school since she was 2 or even less. So, I knew that the first day was not going to be an issue. However, I already knew that I was not going to sneak out after dropping her off. I stayed for a bit until all the kids were there, then hugged/kissed her, and told her I was going to go and then come back after school was over. She was happy and gladly waved me good bye!

  5. Show motivation, pride, and enthusiasm!

  6. BUT of course, be ready to cry mamas!! I know I did ☹


I hope you find this preschool checklist helpful!


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