I quit drinking coffee – here’s what happened5 min read

I quit drinking coffee – here’s what happened5 min read

Life without coffee!

Who would have thought? Right?

Yep! I love my coffee.

I love lattes, and home-brewed coffee with delicious, seasonal and flavored creamers, and even coffee with milk and a hint of cinnamon powder or pumpkin spice powder.

My relationship with coffee has been going on for about 15 years now. I do prefer tea and other beverages; however, coffee was the one thing I needed to have to turn a bad day into a good one.

My husband said I was addicted.

Of course! Who isn’t?

Well, you know those people who drink gallons and gallons of water or order a cup of green tea in line at Starbucks? Yes, I am not one of them.  I even drank coffee when I was pregnant – in moderation then – but I still drank it.

But then one day I was browsing Pinterest and came across some challenges. The 30-day fitness challenge, the exercise challenge, no junk-food challenge and many more.

It’s not like I had not seen them before or heard of them, but this time I decided that I would take up a challenge for myself.

Recently, I have had some personal losses, and I decided to make changes in my life to distract my mind and do something positive. I also noticed that my sugar level was higher than usual. I do not have diabetes but my normal sugar levels seemed to be on the higher end of the normal spectrum. This was very troubling for me because diabetes did not run in my family nor did I get it when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was determined to keep it that way.

It was then when I decided to quit drinking coffee.

I know you must be thinking, why coffee? How does drinking coffee link to getting diabetes?

Well, it may not but the creamers can and because I usually drank more than a cup of coffee per day, the calories add up quickly.

I decided to start small, and do a 21-day no-coffee challenge for myself. It was not about the caffeine as much as it was about the sugary creamers and the dairy that I poured into my coffee.

The only thing I would drink would be water, and green tea without sugar.


Getting started

I started by getting rid of all the creamers and coffee in the house. It was quite difficult! My husband stood smiling at my misery ☹ but I did what I had to do.

Then I bought a few boxes of Lipton green tea and some raw honey to ensure that every time I wanted to call it quits, I had something healthy to reach for instead of coffee.

I also announced the challenge on my Instagram page to wow my friends and also get some support, hopefully!

Day 1-5

The first day was very difficult.

I work from home and usually start working at around 5am! The first thing I put on before I even brush my teeth is coffee.

Breaking that habit was a struggle. I drank warm water all day and literally forced myself to stay at my desk so I would not stroll into the kitchen to make coffee.

Somehow I managed to survive the first day but not without consequences. Or as some may say withdrawal symptoms.

Over the new few days, I began experiencing headaches, mood swings, and bad acidity.

On day 5, I started with some decaf green tea. I only chose decaf by accident because that was the only thing left on the shelves when I went to pick the tea up. However, it was a good choice.

I literally felt like I was in some detox mode. I was going from barely drinking water to drinking it all day and even though, I hated the no-taste feeling, I decided to stay put and give it a chance.

Day 6-21

As the days went by, I noticed that my headaches and mood swings subsided and I actually began to feel better about drinking water or tea.

It was becoming a habit. Yay!

Everyone knows that it is healthier to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day and that green tea has its own set health benefits but it is easy to read about something then to actually practice it.

Day 21 rolled in and I realized that I did not miss drinking coffee nor had any craving for it.

I was cured!! HA!

It has been over a month now since I last had a sip of coffee and I like it! I drink more water than usual along with tea. I decided to get some other kinds such as black tea, white tea and chamomile, and I continue to keep it sugar/cream free.


Benefits to Quitting Coffee

  • Skin changes – I no longer have dry skin on my face. Coffee dehydrates you especially if you do not replenish yourself with water afterwards. And I didn’t, therefore my skin suffered. However, drinking more water hydrates our body and it worked wonders for my skin.

  • Weight – I dropped 7 lbs in 21 days! Losing weight was not the goal here and I did not make any changes to my diet or exercise routine. However, I believe that cutting out all those calories I consumed in the form of creamers helped me lose this weight.

  • Sleep – I do not feel as tired as I did when I consumed coffee, and also noticed that my afternoon slump had disappeared. I no longer crave for coffee at 2pm to keep myself awake. Instead, I finish work and step out with my little girl almost daily to get some fresh air for the both of us.

  • Mood – I have noticed a change in my mood and the way I speak as well. No seriously! I feel more confident and calm than I did before, and I noticed that I even speak calmly. 😊


Giving up something like this also gives one a sense of accomplishment, especially if you never thought you could. It turned out that my body did not really need those yummy coffee beverages to make it through the day. Like they say, it is all in the mind.


Okay so now, how many of you are ready for the no-coffee challenge? 😉



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