I Quit Sugar for 7 Days and Here Is What Happened6 min read

I Quit Sugar for 7 Days and Here Is What Happened6 min read

My 7-day sugar detox ended yesterday (9/16).

It was an exhausting, irritable, and a wonderful week! I began my detox on Monday and decided to not consume any sugar, sugary products, rice, or bread of any kind for the next 7 days.

 I am sure that you all know the long list of benefits to quitting sugar. Some persuasive reasons are:

  • High sugar consumption can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, aging, and other health risks.

  • Can cause weight gain.

  • Can lead to cellular aging – quickens the aging process and breaks body down before age.

  • Leads to cognitive decline and lead to memory impairment, depression, and increased risk of dementia.

Quitting sugar cold turkey was an experiment!

I wanted to see if I could do it, and if so, could I see changes in my health or life in 1 week.

And I did! 😊


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Sugar Withdrawal and other symptoms


  1. Day 1-2 were the hardest days for me! I was tired, irritable, had a lot of headaches, and I was ridiculously hungry.

  2. Day 3-5 is when things got a little better. I still had all the above withdrawal symptoms, but I was focused on eating real food like fruits, and salads, and other home-cooked meals.

  3. Day 4 – I stopped missing my sugary fix.

  4. Day 5-7 – I felt much better. No headaches, and I was not craving or reaching for anything sugary. I was enjoying food without rice or chapatis (Indian Tortilla), which was so hard the first few days.

  5. Day 6 – I had a lot of back pain (the same kind I had post-delivery, but it was better until now). My husband said it was because I was cutting carbs/sugar out so drastically. Additionally, I had major diarrhea on day 5-6, which was better after that.


Since the sugar detox was only 7 days, I was not expecting a drastic change in my weight.

The goal was mostly to see if I could handle being away from sugary food. I honestly did not think I could because I am a foodie, and I have a problem with monitoring what I put in my mouth.

But surprisingly, after the first several days, I was not missing my daily coffee fix with creamer, or chocolate, or rice even.

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I hate salad!

Yes, that’s shocking because I mean who would hate salad?

But I do.

And I know it is healthy and all, but it just does not taste good. Infact it tastes nothing!

I like my food to taste good, to have a taste (in hindi we call it swaad). I like my food to have swaad!

However, last week not only did I eat greens without any dressing, but I enjoyed it.


Well I mixed greens with my usual curry and it tasted the same as it would with chapatis.

You know how you can prepare wraps with lettuce instead of tortilla?

Yep same!

I mixed chopped romaine with lentil soup and it was filling as well as delicious. I never realized that I could eat lentil soup with anything but rice!

Benefits from the Sugar Detox

  • I was less exhausted.

We recently had a baby so I have been sleep deprived. In order to maintain function during the day, I consumed sugary products, or sugared drinks such as juice, sometimes a cup of coffee or so. Due to that, I felt high and was able to stay awake day and night. When the sugar buzz wore off, I pumped up again and I returned to my high state. Cutting out sugar made me feel the real exhaustion I should have felt without sleep. And I did! The first few days of the detox was hell because I was beyond tired. But then, I took a few mini naps and got several hours of sleep at night, and I felt great. Replacing sugar with actual rest sounds very obvious but you cant play the logic card with a mom of a newborn and a preschooler! 😉

  • I enjoyed my food.

Cutting out sugar enabled me to enjoy my meals. I was more in-tune with the creation of it. Rather than throwing ingredients around or keeping my zombie and lazy cap on when making a dish, I actually put more thought and effort in what should go in a salad, or the lentil soup, or garbanzo beans curry. I read labels, and looked at ingredients before using a product.

  • My body and mind felt less sluggish.

This goes with being less exhausted (after the first initial days that is). I felt so active, both physically and mentally. I played games with my oldest, made time to declutter my room, cleaned the house more without getting angry, and actually wanted to stay moving. I felt happier and more alert.

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Prior to starting my detox, I had some goals written down. Here are my results:


Goals and results

Develop mindful eating – Yes

Focus on real food – Yes

Lose weight/body fat – I lost 4 lbs but this was not a priority for me.

Have more energy – definitely yes!

Feel less tired – yes

Stop having cravings or unnecessary sweet tooth – I had some cravings here and there, but I curbed them with water, unsweetened tea, or fruits.

Improved skin- I have not noticed any changes so far but I am sure I will.

Create awareness in family – this was a big one! My inlaws, and husband were shocked when I announced my detox plan to them. They were very supportive and helped me with meal preparations on more than one occasion.

Increase physical activity – yes



The sugar detox challenge was an eye-opener! 

I read a lot of about the benefits of quitting sugar and even though I know I will have some cravings and bad days here and there, I plan on continuing the challenge as part of my lifestyle.

I will introduce some sugar into my diet but I have decided to lessen the consumption of white rice and tortilla. Instead I will eat quinoa with brown rice and whole wheat bread. I will also limit my urge for junk food because they are fun temporarily but in the long run, I know they are harming my body and health.

I have 2 daughters now! If not for me all these years, I would like to make these changes for them!

I really recommend the sugar detox to everyone! Going cold turkey is the best way to beat this habit out of you.

So be strong, dive in, and enjoy the benefits, both short and long-term!


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