At-Home Self-Care Ideas for New Moms6 min read

At-Home Self-Care Ideas for New Moms6 min read

Self-care is a mindful way to take care of you, and your needs.

It is not about being narcissistic or self-absorbed. It is about taking the time to self-reflect and understanding what your body and mind needs to continue further.

In simple terms, self-care is R&R – relaxation and recuperation.

Relaxation of your mind, and recuperation of your body!

That’s self-care!

As a new mom, it is often impossible to get self-care in your daily routine.

Taking care of a new baby is no joke!!

As much as they give you joy and add happiness to your life, a new baby comes with a lot of work.

And if you are like me with a preschooler who is always ready with her demands, self-care is the last thing on your mind and plate.

We all know that new moms are given the gift of sleep deprivation the minute the little one pops out!

For reals!

I feel like I have not slept well in over 3 months now; when I do get some shut eye, it is on the recliner in the nursery, or on the bed half-breastfeeding the baby on a bobby.

But honestly guys, I am not complaining here!

No sleep has become my habit (even though I am about to feel it big time when work starts this week!!!).

The only complain I have is not getting time for self-care.

What is self-care for me?

Alone time!!!!!!!!

That is my self-care. And during this alone/me-time, being able to do whatever I want (see the list below).

My quick errands are always cut shot because the baby wakes up and starts crying. Even if she is fed, or changed, she would still cry or be upset, and my husband starts texting/calling me to warn me that my time is up!

I am okay with that. Okay, maybe some days I get a tad peeved but not at the baby, but at not being able to get some alone time.

When my oldest started preschool, I was so happy! Not because she was going off to school.


I was happy because after I drop her off, the 20-minutes of drive back home is my alone time.

Yes, it is very limited because what can I do in a car for 20 minutes? Right?

But seriously, I love those 20 minutes.

I crank up the radio, I sing super loud, bust some moves as I drive, and just enjoy the beautiful morning!

It is the best feeling ever!


Don’t be.

I choose my life, which means I choose everything that is a part of my life. 😊

Now my baby is 3 months old, and my oldest is in preschool 3 days a week, and I have had more than a few minutes to myself.

We all know that the first 2-3 months are difficult with a newborn.

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However, things get easier as the baby grows up and becomes more independent.

Okay enough of my rant!

If you are like me with limited opportunities to get away and out of the house, here are some at-home self-care ideas to help you achieve your R&R and renew your energy.


At-Home Self-Care Ideas for New Moms


  1. Take a warm shower.

Instead of your usual 2 minutes showers, take a longer shower and use all your favorite products.

I recently bought these exfoliating gloves from Amazon, and I love them! After my first-time use, my skin felt fresh, smooth, and soft.

  1. Catch up on some shows

Even if the baby is awake, hit play on some of those shows that you have been recording, and catch up on some of your favorites. Do this even during feeding sessions, or while the kiddos are asleep.

  1. Make coffee/tea and sip slowly

Make some coffee or tea and have it warm on the couch with your legs up.

  1. Chat with a friend

Motherhood is a lonely!

I have lost almost all my friends after having my second baby. Either we have conflicting schedules, or I am not able to make it because I have no one to babysit the kiddos.

So when you have a second, put that ear piece on and chat it up with your favorite girlfriend or mom friend!

Shout out to my favorite momma friend Jen – check out her insta @Piecesofemerald

  1. Cook something you want

Tired of all those freezer meals you saved pre-baby?

I bet!

Cook a nice hot meal and enjoy it with your family! If you are really feeling it, add in some yummy fall-inspired dessert as well. 😉

  1. Stretch

Okay I envy those moms who can get a full workout in after having a baby! I want to be them, and I wish they’d share some tips!

As for me, I had to make time to use the bathroom during the first few months, so working out was out of the question.

But, then last month I started with some light stretching and squats and boy do they feel great! I am still a bit inconsistent with it, but most days, I try to stretch at least once a day to relieve my aching body.

So, no fancy outfits or equipment required; just sit on the floor and do some stretches. Trust me, you will feel amazing!

  1. Step outside

Fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will change your mood for sure, so step out in your backyard.

  1. Read

My latest love is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art by Marie Kondo.

I am an organizational freak. But I have not done much organizing and tidying for the last year (preggo laziness then with the baby). However, this past week, I decluttered our bedroom closet, the girl’s room, and their closet, and I feel great!! Cleaning is also self-care for me 😉

Oh, oops, back to the reading option.

Yes, pick up a book you have been meaning to read, and do so, again with legs on the couch and body relaxed.

  1. Clean up

Yes, my favorite one!

A clean space creates a calm, peaceful, and stress-free mind and body. So, if you wish, tidy up and I assure you, you will feel happy and less tired.

  1. Get some beauty regime going

Do you have a mask that you bought but never used? Use it now!

If you don’t have anything, whip up a DIY facial mask from things in your pantry and enjoy a nice facial.

Here are some of my favorite home-made face mask with gram flour (Besan).

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What are your self-care tips? What works best for you when you are exhausted or in need of an R&R?



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  1. I needed to read this right now! I have a 2 week old son and being a first time mom, all sorts of emotions run wild all at once and I start to second guess some of my choices. Thanks for sharing your experience. I know I’m not alone.

    1. Self care is extremely important! A few hours or even minutes here and there does wonders. It helps you regain energy, get fresh, and decreases exhaustion and anger.

      Congratulations on having Veer love! Take care of yourself so you can take care of him!❣

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