September Monthly Goals 20193 min read

September Monthly Goals 20193 min read

Happy September guys!!

Can you believe how fast this year is flying by? Some parts of Sacramento already feel like fall especially with Starbucks bringing its fall signature drink, Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) earlier than usual. But hey, I am not complaining because I LOVE fall!

August was a super crazy busy month for me! Work was busy, kids kept me busy [little one breaking premolars☹ so a lot of sleepless nights], and since I am on the board of my daughter’s preschool, there were many events I had to attend and prepare for in August.

And, with school starting back this week, I know that this month is about to get busier! Before all that, let’s review my August monthly goals and make some new monthly goals for September.

August Recap:

  1. Shopping detox – DONE! No money was spent on clothes or anything on any apps from my phone. I only bought a few school related items from Amazon and that was it!

  2. New glasses – I already put an order for them so this one gets a green check also.

  3. Blood work – I couldn’t get to this but I do have a doctor’s appointment coming up and I will be requesting it. I want to start a fitness regime and my husband recommended that I get some numbers before jumping in.

  4. Bright colored lipstick – yep 😉

  5. Picnic with girls – this we could not do ☹ We did have several outings but we could not make it to the arboretum for a picnic. But it’s okay because it will get cooler and I am sure both my girls would love to go run around in a pile of leaves!

September Monthly Goals

  1. Social media limits – I have already remove Instagram and Facebook apps from my phone (4 days back) and for the next several weeks, I am going to limit my social media usage. My daily usage has escalated to a nightmare amount of mindless scrolling and I just have to cut it out! It wastes my time, ruins my energy and momentum, and frankly, it just makes me start the comparison game again. [big no no!]

  2. I have been using DIY homemade nature products for the last several weeks and my goal is to continue it this month, AND hopefully share some recipes and RESULTS here with you guys.

  3. Reorganize the girl’s closet – this was organized before summer but now post summer, it looks like a tornado hit it – and by tornado, I mean my oldest Arya! 😐

  4. It’s birthday month for both my husband and I therefore I have some self-care planned for both of us.

  5. And finally, start preparing for fall decorations.


That concludes all I have planned for this month! Having monthly goals is not just for show, or a blogging tactic; I have found that written monthly goals keep me obligated to fulfill the task I choose for the month, and sharing it with you all makes me accountable for them!


What are some of your goals this month?


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