September Monthly Goals3 min read

September Monthly Goals3 min read

This year is flying by way too fast!

I was just getting ready for summer and our new baby and now fall season is just a few weeks away and my baby is 2 ½ months old!

Way too fast!

Soon it will be Thanksgiving then Christmas and then another New Year will come swooping in.

November is a busy month for us because its Thanksgiving, and our wedding anniversary.

We don’t really host much for either – not a big turkey fan – though this year marks our 5th anniversary so hopefully we can celebrate it with a short family trip somewhere close.

But first let’s see what September has in store!


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August Monthly Goals Re-Visited


1. Read 2 books this month – I read Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence for the 3rd time :P, and Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I really enjoyed them both and will do a separate post reviewing both these books soon!


2. Start my post-partum work-out – 30 minutes of walking and 20 squats a day – This is going on well! Squats I do with my baby in hand – usually when she is being fussy. And walking, I do early morning when everyone else is asleep.


3. Begin sleep training my baby – transition her into the crib – This was a success. I moved Avya into her own crib and out of our bedroom about 2 weeks ago. She did not fuss at all. Infact both my girls were good with moving into their own cribs, and I never had to use any special methods of persuasion or tricks with them.

I will, however, share my misery getting my oldest Arya into the big girl bed (separate post coming soon!!!) That was some major battle – and some days I still lose because she sneaks in with her grandparents instead of sleeping in her own bed.


4. Organize my bedroom closet – this was a success! I did a major purging of both hubby and my clothes, and shoes, and donated them all. Our closet is now more airy and organized.

I do wish I had a bigger closet but my in laws have the master bedroom so until we get our own house, we will be stuck with the smaller room and closet!

So, there you have it! August was a success!


monthly goals

September Monthly Goals


It’s birthday month for hubby and me! We are both perfectionist Virgos, him being the more practical kind, and me being the emotional-practical combo!

I also go back to work after a 3 ½ month long maternity leave. ☹

Since I work from home, I am not really going anywhere per se, however, coffee at 3am and all the late-night blogging/reading will need to stop.

Some of the things I am aiming to achieve in the month of September are as follows:

1. Read 2 more books.

Need a book to read? Check out Project Gutenberg for free e-books.

2. Write more!

My goal is to write at-least 10 articles this month – one every few days – this on top of my detox challenge pieces – see next point! So, stay tuned! 😊

3. Sugar detox!

This is my biggest challenge and goal for this month. I will start a 7-day sugar detox challenge in the next few days! My goal is to eliminate refined sugar from my diet as much as possible, if not all of it.

I am currently making my meal plans and will share them and my sugar detox story under the Blog Post Series section.



Did you get on board with setting monthly goals? What are your September goals besides pumpkin spice latte and welcoming the fall season! 😉

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