7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge – Day 13 min read

7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge – Day 13 min read

It was a very difficult day for me.

Day 1 of the 7-day sugar detox challenge, and it was rough.

I did not consume any added sugar, roti (tortilla), rice, artificial sweeteners, and other sugary products all day.

Here is what I had all day.



Quaker oatmeal cooked in water, no sugar added

Half a banana and 2 small strawberries added in the oatmeal

1 cup of red raspberry tea – no sugar



Long bean curry

Black eye peas steamed



Leftover long bean curry

Half an avocado

1 tablespoon hummus with apples



Half a banana


So, I was low on some greens which is why my day 1 meals are quite light. I avoided bread, croissants, tortillas, and rice – normally I eat rice or tortilla for lunch and dinner. But as part of my detox rules, I will not be consuming any of these for the next 7 days.


Withdrawal Symptoms

Headache – in the morning and a little in the evening

Irritability – during lunch and dinner – when everyone was belting food, I was eating a lousy apple with hummus (WTF!!!)

Sadness – early evening, due to feeling cranky, I burst into tears because here I was feeling super hungry, and my husband was pounding away dinner like no one’s business!

Extremely tired


What I Noticed

After lunch when I was getting ready to vacuum, I felt slightly light-headed. My husband took over and I laid down on the couch for 10 minutes.

We recently had a baby, so I am ridiculously sleep deprived. A 10-minute nap could easily turn into a few hours because that’s how tired I feel all the time. However, as I laid down for my nap, I noticed that my head was feeling very active. It was my body that was tired but that could be the detox symptom, or lack of sleep these past 3 months.

Nevertheless, my mind/brain felt very energetic. Not in a crazy, I-am-wired kind, but more in the alert sense.

It felt good!

I laid down, feeling the cushion against my ears, and listening to my oldest talking to her dad, as I dozed off.

About 10 minutes later, I opened my eyes, got up, and felt extremely fresh.

I was surprised!

Many would call that a power nap, and indeed it was. However, I have not had a power nap in forever.

My body felt better, less tired, and I was ready to finish my chores.

What I am trying to say is that I didn’t crash, like I normally do. I was tired, I took a 10-minute nap, and I woke up feeling fresh.

Other times when I am tired, I crash, the baby cries so I can not sleep. Then my pick-me-up is something sugary, or even coffee, or sometimes a croissant, and I am back taking care of business.

Despite the tiredness, the crankiness, and the initial WTF feelings, I feel good. I enjoyed whatever I ate though I am a little frustrated because I couldn’t eat rice.

Regardless, I feel happy, proud, and ready for day 2!




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