7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge (Introduction, Goals, Rules)4 min read

7-Day Sugar Detox Challenge (Introduction, Goals, Rules)4 min read

Sugar consumption is a major health problem today.

Considering that sugar is everywhere – basically anything that tastes good has sugar – it becomes very difficult when trying to rid sugar from our diets.

I am a curvy and plus size woman.

I blame my mom because when I was a baby, she fed me everything and anything that would give me rolls! 😊

And boy did I have rolls, as a baby and all the way into adulthood.

I tried several things to lose weight, attempting to be one of those women who take before and after pictures of their weight-loss success.

But everything failed!


Because I would give up quickly. Or I got bored. Or lost my momentum. Or was not really into losing weight.

There are 2 reasons people don’t usually lose their weight:

  • Bad eating habits – including the types of food as well as big portions.

  • Bad or inconsistent exercising habit.

I have both those problems!

Over the years, I learned to do some healthy swaps with my food. And honestly, I am not completely bad with my eating habits.

No seriously!

My problem lies in my sugar consumption!

I don’t chug donuts daily or walk around with cookies and ice-cream all day, but the types of food I chose often have high sugar content.

And I can also binge eat sugary products depending on my mood or stress level.

Why this challenge?

I had a baby about 2 ½ months ago.

All throughout my pregnancy, I was a healthy eater. I did not have gestational diabetes or have any other health problems during this pregnancy or my first.

Nevertheless, one day my nurse practitioner tried to get me to start Metformin, claiming that I was on the path of becoming a diabetic in the future. Metformin is a prescription medication used to treat diabetes.

I was annoyed when she projected diabetes in my future based on my body type.

Being overweight does not automatically mean I will be diabetic. But to her, my body was on that path and it could be happen in the future. Alas, she advised me to start Metformin as a preventative measure.

I, obviously turned it down because I was not about to make my baby a guinea pig!

Annoyed by this gesture, I kept a healthy lifestyle during my pregnancy and gained approximately 20 lbs throughout the pregnancy.

First few weeks and those 20 lbs just melted off!

I am breastfeeding so that was a big reason for it. But I also chugged gallons of water those first few weeks which helped.

But then my newborn became colicky and my stress level just shot up.

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Time for a Change

Due to the lack of sleep, the change to anti-colic diet, the exhaustion from taking care of 2 kids (a new born and a 3.5-year-old), no coffee, and no time for self-care, I began consuming extra sugary foods to give me the jolts I needed to survive my day.

Sugar became my coffee!

My mom expressed her concern, and honestly, even I got worried.

All my life, I have been this overweight girl, who, in all honesty, was never too worried about it.

Yes, I know that those extra pounds make me less attractive to some or puts me out of the social norm of what healthy is supposed to be. But I always liked my figure and how I look.

If I am okay with it, then I don’t really care about the world! This was the attitude I honed all my life.

And even today, I am here, now attempting this sugar detox thing not because I am unhappy with my looks or body or curves.

Of course, if reducing sugar intake helps me lose some of those unwanted pounds and an inch or two, then that’s cherry on top!

However, I want to try this experimental sugar detox because:

  1. To see if I really can, or rather how my body responds.

  2. To make healthier choices – an apple instead of a handful of Teddy Grahams and adopt habits I can stick to.

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7-day Sugar Detox Challenge


  • Develop mindful eating.

  • Focus on real food.

  • Lose weight/body fat.

  • Have more energy.

  • Feel less tired.

  • Stop having cravings or unnecessary sweet tooth.

  • Improved skin.

  • Create awareness in family.

  • Increase physical activity.

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sugar detox


  • Complete a 7-day sugar detox challenge.

  • No added sugar in tea, coffee, or in anything.

  • No coffee creamers.

  • No sugary beverages such as soda, juice, sweetened tea.

  • No roti (tortilla), rice, or bread of any kind.

  • Only consume fruits – twice a day if possible.

  • No sweet dishes, candy, or sugary junk food.

sugar detox challenge

After I complete this 7-day sugar detox challenge (starts today 9-10), I will upload the results of this grueling challenge!

I am super nervous, so wish me luck and stay tuned!

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