Sunday Routine for a Ridiculously Productive & Stress-free Week7 min read

Sunday Routine for a Ridiculously Productive & Stress-free Week7 min read

As a working mom of 2 little ones, my goal every weekend [besides relaxing *insert laugh*], is to ensure that my week goes as productive and stress free as possible.

Yes, you have heard this one, right? Make a Sunday routine so your Monday is better? Pinterest gave me a million things I could do every Sunday so I would have a good following week. And that cycle carries on from week to week until forever.

Well, not forever; in my case, until kids go off to college! *insert sarcastic laugh*. But in all the honesty, I have tried several things on Sundays but they are all very bleh! 🙁

I work normal office hours from work. This was a piece of cake when I had no kids, but now with 2 little ones, it is a rough ride. I get my work done, alright, but it is often at the expense of my sanity, elevated stress levels, and lines on my forehead that are now becoming more and more visible.

SO, I tried some of those routines on Pinterest. They are pretty good I’ll say, but they did not really help ME.  


Yeah, so was I!

Okay, so let’s take laundry for example. Doing my laundry on Sunday means less laundry during the week, and clean clothes, obviously. But there were still dirty clothes in the hamper during the week, so it did not really matter whether I did laundry on Sunday or Monday *cynical side taking over* !!!

After trying a few other things, I realized that they may be helpful tasks to get out of the way, such as laundry, meal planning/cooking [which never really works in this family, and ill tell you why, later], or doing dishes etc., but they did not necessarily help me stay productive and stress-free during the week.


Because they were things I would do daily anyways! I clean, do dishes, sometimes do laundry, and even cook almost daily!

I needed a different kind of Sunday routine to keep me productive and stress free during the week; one that did not just involve a checklist of things to do, but a routine that involved doing what I prefer or enjoy doing so I can rejuvenate my tired soul from the week before.


My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do - Francine Jay. Click To Tweet


Here are some things on my ideal Sunday routine. Now I don’t get them ALL done every week but I definitely make an attempt! And getting through my Sunday routine helps me stay productive and calm during the week.


sunday routine


Sunday Routine for a Ridiculously Productive & Stress-free Week

  1. Organize activities for kids for the week.

It’s summer vacation which means my 4.5 year old rants “I’m bored” several times during the day. I prepare activities for her to do during the week such as painting and drawing on Monday so I get art supplies ready, water fun day so I get the balloons and other outside play things in one place, and so on. This really helps because when she is ready to paint, I don’t have hunt for her brushes or get things ready while I am in the middle of a meeting or work project.

  1. Do the kids’ laundry.

I don’t care about grown-up laundry but I make sure the kiddos’ laundry is done and folded. This way they have plenty of clean clothes to dirty, especially after painting, gardening, and other messy plays that Arya loves!

  1. Visit with my mom.

After my dad passed away, I made it a habit to see my mom every weekend. She doesn’t live very far but life gets in the way and before I know it, I have not seen my parents in several weeks. But after papa left, I leave everything and visit her once every weekend. It’s therapy for me, and for her, as she gets to play with her grand babies.

  1. Get a Starbucks fix.

I brew/keurig my own coffee during the week, so every Sunday I get out of the house to get my favorite SB drink. Even if kids are with me, I still go, get my drink, drive around or run errands if I must, and enjoy my Starbucks fix! My husband raises a brow at this, but I tell him to get over it because it just makes me happy doing that!

  1. Charge the electronics.

I put all my useful electronics on charge such as Ipod, cell phone, and most importantly, tablet which I sometimes let Arya use to enjoy KidloLand. Cell phone obviously gets charged again depending on usage. Nevertheless I make it a habit to charge them all at once every Sunday.

  1. Make baby-sitting arrangements.

If I have commitments during the week such as a board meeting at Arya’s school, or dentist appointments, or anything else that requires me to leave the baby home, I make my arrangements every Sunday. I review my planner for the week and enure that my mom or my husband can help. I get everything confirmed and squared away before the week starts. I also prepare the baby’s bags and things on Sunday to avoid last minute rush and forgetfulness.

  1. Get alone time with each of my girls.

Both my girls are attached to my hip all week [this isn’t as horrible as it sounds! 😊]. So I am not able to get alone mom-daughter moments with either of them during the week. Thus I make it a habit to get some one-on-one times on Sundays. Morning I take Arya to Safeway to get our favorite bread and on the way stop to get her favorite cupcake from the bakery. We chat, sneak a few bites of the cupcakes, and just enjoy each other’s company while the baby is home with grandparents and my husband. In the afternoon when Arya is napping [after I force her to😐], I get my alone time with the baby. I give her a massage, eat something very wrong such as ice-cream or cookies from Arya’s stash and I just play with her without distractions.

  1. Cook something delicious.

My mother in law does most of the cooking during the week. Whenever I cook, it is something quick and easy. However Sunday’s breakfast and/or lunch, I make something special that I love, and we all enjoy it.

  1. Grocery shopping.

Not a full-fledged shopping but I do pick up some food items kids like and ingredients that I will need to make something quick and easy during the week.

  1. Take a nap.

Napping is one of those things that mothers give up happily when they have kids. Pregnancy was so awesome because it meant being able to nap whenever and wherever. But now with 2 kiddos constantly bugging me for attention, I am lucky if I can even slouch on the couch. But, lately I try to get some nap down during the weekend especially Sundays. It is usually late Sunday for an hour, and trust me, it helps! Of course, it only happens when both kids are napping, or someone is watching them for me.

  1. Review my planner for the week.

I write everything down! To-do-lists, plans, important dates, meetings, everything and anything goes in my planner. And every Sunday night I try to review it to mentally prepare myself for the week. It avoids unnecessary surprises and stress for me during the week.

  1. Clean my workspace.

This is a big one! I avoid clutter around my office computer but sometimes bills or other things get piled there during the week. Every Sunday I wipe down my computer and keyboard and remove all the papers or anything laying around the desk to ensure a clean space for me Monday morning.

  1. Get to bed early.

Arya loves to sleep with her grandmother so when she fights me during bedtime on Sunday, I let her sleep with her grandmother and continue to put the baby and myself to sleep. Over the years I have learned to choose my battle with Arya and to avoid frustration for both her and me, I let it go. That means I get to bed earlier than usual and can get a few hours of extra Zzzzs to ensure that I am fresh and ready to tackle the week.

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What is your Sunday routine that helps you get through the week?


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