How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids3 min read

How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids3 min read

One of my goals for 2020 is to travel more. Not just by myself but with my family – hubby and both our girls, by air or a simple road trip with kids. Now we all know that traveling with kids can be quiet challenging, however, I believe that having experiences as a family makes it more fun, memorable, and worthwhile, AND that is my travel goal for our family!

The holidays came and went and even though we had the usual festivities, my husband and I both worked all days surrounding both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to that, we decided to take some time off this week (first week of Jan 2020), to spend some quality time with our girls and each other.

Along with having fun at home, we decided to take a short day-trip to San Francisco.

Most days it is just me and the girls going places because my husband is either working or he kindly excuses himself to be a homebody instead. So when he brought up the road trip idea, I got super excited.

San Francisco is about a 2-hour drive, on a good day with less traffic. It can be a grueling if you go during the weekend or even a Friday because you are stuck in traffic in all the major cities leading up to San Francisco.

Luckily, we went on a Thursday, so the drive to and from was not too bad. And the girls did pretty good during the drive, especially the little one who basically hates sitting in her car seat.

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The trip was fun. We ate some delicious fish and chips at the pier, got high on cotton candy, icecream, and coffee (momma needs her caffeine buzz all day! ;)), and we did some sight seeing on several piers. It was a great day, and just what we needed as a family!

road trip with kids


road trip with kids


Here are some things that helped us survive the San Francisco road trip with kids.

A lot of snacks – I packed cereal, cashews, and baked chips in zip-locked bags and my husband handed them back on demand. For the baby, I have these Munchkin Snack Catcher which is spill-proof and easy to hold and grab snacks from.

Entertainment – I really hate just handing them the tablet or my phone [that is usually my very last resort to stop a tantrum], so I try to keep some boredom busters handy.

  1. Stickers – unicorn stickers are a staple for Arya, and I got a bunch of those from the Target dollar bin.

  2. Wipe clean books / activity books.

  3. Window stickers – big hit!

  4. Leapfrog words book for the baby.

  5. A few favorite toys.

Weather appropriate outfits – San Francisco is very cold, especially in the winter so I made sure to pack blankets, jackets, gloves, scarves and beanies.

Music – my ipod not only has my favorites but the girl’s too. To break a fight or an outburst of whines, I turn on a few nursery rhymes and everyone just stops to sing along.

Water and drinks in easy bottles and sippy cups.


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