Getting my 2 year off the bottle4 min read

Getting my 2 year off the bottle4 min read

When my daughter Arya was born, I was fortunate to be able to breast-feed her for a whole year. I say fortunate because my brother and I were both formula babies.

All throughout my pregnancy I worried that I wouldn’t be able to produce breast milk or would not have enough.

I heard many stories from other women who continuously told me how important it was to be able to breastfeed your child. While I agree with them, I do not believe there is anything wrong with mothers who choose formula instead.

Everyone has their own reasons and I believe in respecting a woman’s right to making her own choice.

Arya enjoyed all the baby food we gave her from 6 months of age. And she even transitioned well without any trouble to a bottle and cow’s milk from age 1. Until she was 1, she never had a bottle because my little girl was adamant in only drinking breast milk from the source.

Yep! I am not kidding.

It was a tough year first year. We tried many varieties of bottles and sip cups but nothing worked.

I was relieved when she gladly took on the bottle when we began offering her cow’s milk in it. She only ever used the Phillips Avent which I absolutely love!

Along with the bottle, she also enjoyed a variety of foods we offered her. I stopped making baby food and moved her to food from our plate around 8-9 months.

Here are some wonderful baby food ideas!

We never really took her off the bottle and that became a problem. At about 20 months old, Arya only wanted the bottle. She refused all food and if she ate, they were only a bite if any.

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I tried several toddler weaning gadgets!

Kids plates and spoons, sip cups, place mats, and easy finger foods.

Nothing seemed to be working.

Every time I tried to wean her off the bottle, she would stop eating completely and that was very troubling. It almost seemed like she did not like anything that was offered to her except her bottle.

This went on for a few months. Her pediatrician said her weight was in the normal range and she was not malnourished however, I was really worried about her appetite.

I knew the culprit. Her bottle!

Then one day, I just stopped her bottle altogether.

One morning, she was playing around with markers and accidentally put it in her mouth. I didn’t see it at first but it left a brown stain on her teeth.

When I noticed it during her bath, I freaked out and assumed it was a cavity.

The next day, I took her to the dentist and he confirmed that she had no cavities. Nevertheless, I decided to keep the charade on at home.


Because the only reason I wasn’t able to get her off the bottle was because her grandparents would cave every time she cried for the bottle. It is very difficult to fight with grandparents especially when it comes to disciplining kids.

Therefore, the charade about a possible cavity gave me the perfect excuse.

I took all her bottles and hid them at first.

She wanted it so bad and for the first 7 hours, she barely touched anything to eat.

It was hard to see her upset however, I knew it was now or never.

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That night she ate off my plate!

I kept this up for several days – refusing to give her the bottle and offering her food instead. She loved avocado, and fruits as a baby and I ensured that these were available for her.

After about 2 weeks, she finally stopped asking for the bottle completely.

Her appetite grew and she finally started eating properly. Because of the bottle, I couldn’t tell what my little girls favorite foods were. ☹

She is 2 years and 8 months old and I am happy that I no longer have to “force” her to eat but she actually enjoys her meals.



Disclaimer: This post may contain links of products and food items that I have tried. Everything i have shared are based on my experience. I am not a professional so please use your own discretion when trying any products or techniques.

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