3 Weird Things My Preschooler Does When We Have Guests3 min read

3 Weird Things My Preschooler Does When We Have Guests3 min read

Yep, today I shall expose her! 😊 No hard feelings Arya!

So, mamas how many times have you noticed weird behaviors in your preschoolers that made you raise your eyebrows thinking “why the heck…?”

Too many to count.

Yeah, join the club!

Kids are shamelessly authentic. They are honest and unfiltered, capable, and innocent, and my favorite thing about them is that they are truly themselves. They don’t worry about trying too hard or impressing anyone. They don’t care about social norms, or what is considered appropriate by standards set by us tall people, and this makes them shamelessly authentic and a tad annoying! 😊

My 4.5-year-old has a mind and tongue of her own. She is everything I said above and more, and as much as I try to enjoy this phase of development, I get frustrated by it as well.

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Today I will share some weird things she does when we have guests over. I really hope you can relate to one or all the points because if you don’t then I will worry! LOL 😊


3 Weird Things My Kid Does When We Have Guests


weird toddler behavior
Love my crazy girl! <3


  1. She asks guests to read to her – this has happened on more than a few occasions now. One day we had some guests over, and after she got comfortable with their presence, she sat down talking with one of her aunts. Five minutes later, she brought her favorite book and requested her to read it to her. Of course, she did not mind, but it was a tad embarrassing for me because it looked like we do not read to her. I read to her as much as possible, and even she enjoys going through the books and telling me her version of the story. But this weird behavior threw me off because she never explained why she did it.

  2. She brings out all her toys – and this happens even when there are no children present. Arya’s personality is bold, but she is humble and down-to-earth as well. So, I know she wasn’t showing off. She starts playing with them in front of the guests, sometimes involving them and telling them what she is playing.

  3. She shows bad behavior and attitude – this happens when I say something to her about the first 2 behaviors. When we have guests over, her level of sass elevates, especially if I tell her to stop doing something, such as bugging the guest to read, or gathering all her toys in the middle of the living room where. Kids usually retaliate when adults try to discipline them, and by discipline, I mean pointing out some weird, not-the-norms kind of behavior. Why? Because in their mind, they don’t think that they are doing something wrong. And technically they aren’t? I mean what’s wrong with sharing toys with guests. Nothing right? But I think that guests will feel uncomfortable, or bothered, and because of that, I tell her to stop it. But since she does not see anything wrong with what she is doing, she displays anger to fight me back!


Okay so I deciphered one of the 3 weird behaviors displayed by my preschooler. What are your thoughts on the other two?


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