Why I Love Christmas Movies3 min read

Why I Love Christmas Movies3 min read

Even though they are cheesy, I absolutely LOVE Christmas movies.

Starting mid to late October, and non-stop until New Year’s Day, watching Christmas movies has been one of my favorite traditions for many years now. My husband smirks as he watches me start prerecording them, and then walks away making some sarcastic comment about how they are always the same!

Okay sure, they all have the same romantic story line, where a pretty young girl finds her true love amid the snow-covered, small, Christmas-obsessed town, and after a few sacrifices or twists, finds her happily ever after. But there is something about it, and about how I feel after watching it, that makes me want to keep my tradition of watching Christmas movies every year.

This year for the first time I noticed that Lifetime Movie Network also streams Christmas movies, and if you didn’t already know, here is a schedule for it.

And of course a list from the Hallmark channel can be found right here.

Okay, so before you run off to schedule these movies on your DVR 😉, I would like to share WHY I love Christmas movies.

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1. For the beautiful locations

In addition to the fairy tale romance, I love indulging in the quaint, small-town atmosphere that is captured so well in Christmas movies. Decked head to toe for Christmas and the holidays, these beautiful locations in the movies are very warm, inviting, and friendly, and though they may be fiction, I still love them!

2. For the romantic story

And this goes without saying that 😊 I love the girl-meets-boy and falls madly in love type stories. They ignite the feeling and belief of what love and romance can be, and I think we all a lot more of that in our lives, especially those of us living in cynical, romance-less cities.

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3. For the Christmas spirit

Half the time, I am staring at the homes of the characters because it screams Christmas. The decorations, the atmosphere, the Christmas food and festivals, the carols, the generosity, the care and closeness of the families and towns people; basically, everything festive, and Christmasy just pops out of these movies, and I love it!

4. For the belief & magic

Before I start watching the movie, I already know that it will have a happy ending. There is no mystery that the grinch will turn over a new leaf, and start believing in the magic of Christmas. The girl and boy will find their happy ending, and whatever “problem” exists will get solved. But that’s OKAY! I love Christmas movies because they are reassuring and comforting and filled with hope, belief, and magical moments.

5. For the escape

I love watching Christmas movies because it helps me temporarily escape my every day life and get lost in something that doesn’t stress me out. They don’t involve any kind of political or religious agenda, they don’t really have a villain, nor any major messy drama. Basically, it has everything that is NOT the reality of today’s world. It’s mushy and gushy and yes, cheesy, and totally goes with the festive season and all the feelings we have during the holidays.

Are you laughing at over there? It’s okay, I don’t mind! But before you leave, I will share this.

Christmas movies to me are like modern-day fairy tale. Even research shows that watching Christmas movies produce the “feel-good” hormones that creates a neurological shift in our brains creating happiness, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting positivity and inspiration. 🙂 

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Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions or movies that you would like to share?



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